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Easter and Spring Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Easter and Spring Craft Ideas for Toddlers (and older kids too!)

These Easter and spring craft ideas for toddlers are really easy and take minimal preparation.  They can all be done inside so are perfect for when you can’t get out and about or if  you are reading this in 2020 for when you are in isolation or on lockdown.  Now I cannot promise that the cleaning up is minimal – especially with the painting one, but they do love to get messy so I say old clothes,  a painting apron and let them crack on! 

craft ideas

For me anything that keeps them occupied and entertained works even if there is a bit of clean up.  I should also say that whilst I set these activities up for my toddlers my 6 and 4 year old also joined in and enjoyed it just as much if not more than their sisters.

Egg Decoration Vase

easter and spring crafts

This makes a great centerpiece for an Easter table if you use a lower profile vase.  We have put it in our fireplace as our Easter themed decoration instead of flowers that we usually have there.

You will need:

Polysterene or Wooden Eggs


Paintbrushes or other mark makers

Glitter or Glitter glue

Stick on jewels

A Vase

The How:

  • Set up the paint colours.  If you don’t want all the eggs to end up brown I would offer only a couple of colours at a time.
  • Let the toddlers paint the eggs.
  • Sprinkle glitter or put out glitter on a plate and let the toddlers roll the eggs in it.  They did love doing this.  It created merry carnage on the floor with glitter all over the place, but it is easily hoovered up.
  • Dry the eggs. They do dry really quickly, but you can speed up the process with a hairdryer.  I use a cooling rack to put them on for drying as this limits the amount of paint that gets wiped off and also they don’t seem to stick whilst drying
  • Once dry you can stick on jewels to decorate further
  • Pile up the dried eggs in the vase et voila a fab Easter Decoration

Easter Cards

Easter crafts

You will need:

Plain Card stock and envelopes

Easter Stickers


The How:

  • This could not be easier…. Give the toddlers a card, give them some stickers and crayons and let them go wild
  • My older boys used the stickers to make pictures on the front of their cards and the toddlers just stuck bunnies everywhere, but all were happy and occupied for at least 30 mins.

Cupcake Case Daffodils

Easter and Spring Craft Ideas for toddlers

These make a great Easter decoration. I came up with it as a way of using up plastic straws that were lingering at the back of a drawer from a time before I knew they were the devils work (regarding biodegradability).  I now don’t want to use them for drinks for fear of ruining the planet so I am using them for crafts which we will be keeping and using each Easter.  If you don’t have any plastic straws then please don’t buy any – paper ones work just as well or you could just used rolled card.

What you will need:

Yellow Cupcake cases (although they can be any colour as you can say they are any flower you like)

PVA Glue

Green Straws or card rolled to make a stalk

Orange pipe cleaner

The How:

  • Take two cupcake cases and glue them together so that both sides are coloured
  • Cut the orange pipe cleaner into small pieces
  • Make a hole in the cupcake cases and push the pipe cleaner through
  • Bend over the top of the pipe cleaner so that it isn’t sharp and creates a bit of bulb which looks like the stamen of the flower
  • Dip the other end of the pipe cleaner into the PVA and put in into the straw.  You may need to bend it over slightly to thicken it up so that the pipe cleaner makes contact with the straw
  • Leave to dry and that is it.

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  1. Some lovely ideas here we have been keeping our daughter busy with making easter eggs and cards they never seem to get bored of that - love the idea of putting the eggs in a jar for display. thanks for lining up to #coolmumclub and have a lovely easter! x
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