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Ham and Courgette Tortilla

I love love love this recipe!  It is so simple and yet so very tasty.  This used to be my go to lunch when I worked in the city and was trying to be healthy.  You can prepare it the night before and then either toast at work if there is a sandwich press or eat cold.  Since having the kids I have also introduced these as a healthy snack for days when they have a break before heading out to a physical activity; so when they need a bit more than fruit for an after school snack to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner.  This tortilla would also make a great addition to a school lunch box.

What you will need:

*The quantities given are for one person

1 tortilla wrap

I tablespoon of cream cheese (I use a garlic and herb one, but you can use whichever flavour you prefer)

Two slices of good quality ham (it should not be crumbly ham or it won’t roll)

1/4 of a courgette

The How

  • Take your courgette and peel off the skin on one side
  • Slice a quarter of the courgette into thin slices.  I use a cheese slice for this, but you could use a mandolin if you prefer.  I am just afraid of mine!

IMG 0526

  • Lay the courgette slices onto the tortilla, but over to one side so there is room to roll it up

IMG 0527

  • Place the ham on top, add the tablespoon of cream cheese and use the back of the spoon to spread it out over the ham

IMG 0529

  • Roll up like a burrito and place in a dry non stick pan (or a sandwich press) with the join of the rolled tortilla facing down
  • Leave to brown slightly and then turn over to brown the second side.  This takes about a minute or so on each side if the pan is hot.
  • Cut into 3 sections and enjoy!

*I don’t add any salt or pepper to this as I am using the flavoured cream cheese, but you might like to


IMG 0532 2


Don’t waste the rest of that courgette – if you peel and chop it you can add it to sauces and it virtually disappears so fussy littles don’t notice it!




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