Easter Holidays Activities

58 Awesome Easter Holidays Activities for kids

Easter Holidays Activities – Ways to keep the littles busy

After having the kids at home for months due to lockdown and just a few weeks back at school, the Easter holidays are now almost upon us – Wow!  It is hard to believe that just next week I will need to find ways to entertain 4 kids at home again.  Sure lockdown is easing and there are some organised Easter Holidays Activities that the kids can do, but if you, like me, couldn’t get a trip away booked and are still trying to be really careful to minimise exposure to others as much as possible then you will be looking for Easter holidays activities for kids and I have got 58 great ideas to suggest to you here.

I am also linking to my other content so actually you are getting even more than 58 ideas – make sure you download the printable poster to get all of the activity ideas.

Keep reading to get your free Easter Activity Printable that you do not want to miss!

Easter Holidays Activities to do at home and without screens:

I won’t lie to you my kids are screen obsessed and Roblox and Minecraft are major topics of conversation here, but I don’t want them to spend all of the Easter Holidays on a screen.

I don’t know about you, but lockdown made the whole screen obsession worse as playing online became their only way to link with their friends and I just couldn’t take that away from them and so I was way more lenient about screen time.


Now I am trying to dial back a bit and it is a tricky thing to manage.  One of the ways I am doing this is creating other Easter holidays activities that the kids will want to do instead of being on screens.  Here are some of my suggestions for Easter holidays activities that kids can do completely without screens or with the help of a screen so that they don’t quite feel the pain of no screen as much and will be more inclined to join in with non screen based activities in future:

  1. Use Spirograph to create mandalas for their siblings or themselves to colour in – they can do this free hand or use online Staedtler program to do it and then print out
  2. Head to your local pound shop and source some easy Easter themed crafts and decorations for them to make.  I got some great ones from Lidl
  3. Get some Easter themed stickers and let them use them to create a spring/ Easter picture
  4. Buy some small canvas and let the children create a masterpiece to hang on the wall.  I usually give them a theme or I even just got them to do the first letter of their name and decorate it as they chose to with paint and glitter Toddler Messy play
  5. Hand over sheets and pegs and encourage them to build an indoor den which you can then let them have a sleepover in
  6. Watch Rob Biddulph on his Draw with Rob series and learn a new skill – cartooning.  My eldest swore he couldn’t draw before watching these and now he has the books and loves spending time drawing
  7. Set a Lego build challenge for them – like can you build a bridge, a spaceship, your dream car, something that represents Easter to you…
  8. Head over to our Easter/ Spring Themed Crafts post and get loads more ideas

Easter and Spring Crafts

Easter Holidays Activities to do together

It is great to have activities that the kids can mostly do alone like those above, but we all know that we have to get involved with some of their activities even if it is just to break up the fights…  Here are some activities that do need a grown up:

  1. Download our spring nature walks checklist and get out into the local area to see what you can find
  2. Bake bread – this may sound like a crazy idea, but baking bread with kids works really well.  My kids love kneading **punching** the dough and shaping it into rolls or loaves Siblings rainy day activity
  3. Making homemade pizza – the same goes for pizza making.  This is an activity which needs supervision, but is great for giving purpose to a day and you end up with dinner ready to cook as well so bonus!
  4. Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies – always a hit with the kids and I find a great activity for treat friday
  5. Design and start a cross stitch project.  All you need is graph paper to draw your pattern on (each square is one stitch), thread, needles and binca.  As long as the kids keep the design simple this works really well and keeps everyone occupied for ages.  My 7 year old and 9 year old were able to do this and enjoyed themselves
  6. Go out Geocaching.  We have only tried this once and were rubbish at it as we couldn’t find the item, but we did have fun trying so I am sure we will have another go
  7. Build an obstacle course and time the kids completing it.  My kids love doing this and in fact typically make the course themselves so it might involve climbing over soft play blocks, doing a certain number of jumps or balancing on a plank before running to the finish…  This and 10 other ideas for fun garden activities (even for small gardens) can be found here: 11 Awesome Ways to make a small garden fun for kids

Small garden easter holidays activities

Easter Holidays Activities Options FREE DOWNLOAD POSTER

My free printable Easter Holidays Activities poster contains 43 different Easter Holidays Activities Ideas to keep your little ones occupied and away from screens as much as possible.

Now if all those Easter holidays activities weren’t enough to keep your littles occupied and at least get them off screens a bit then try introducing an activities poster.  I have done these before with the kids and it works brilliantly for preventing the kids from constantly saying ‘I’m bored’ or ‘I want a snack’ or just heading off to play on a screen.

The idea is to break down possible activities into categories so I choose Outdoor Fun/ Indoor Fun (depending on the weather), STEM activities, Educational Activities, Arts and Crafts and Baking.  The kids have to pick one activity from each line, each day BEFORE they are able to have any screen time.  This doesn’t mean that they won’t be on screens at all, but it reduces it and encourages them to try something different first.

You don’t even have to create one yourself though as I have done it for you.  All you need to do is download the free printable from the pop up that will appear shortly…

The added bonus is that you will be subscribed to receive any other activity templates for kids that I create.  You won’t be contacted very frequently so don’t panic you won’t be inundated with emails from me – honest!!




12 thoughts on “58 Awesome Easter Holidays Activities for kids”

  1. Shelley Whittaker

    Lots of brilliant ideas here as always! I found a recipe for Easter Brownies, topped with lots of Easter chocolates, so I think I am going to bake them with my daughter over the weekend 🙂 #MischiefAndMemories

  2. I couldn’t wait for the Easter holidays! I think after the lockdowns we’ve had, entertaining at home has become second nature and there’s always something we can find to do. I do love these ideas and we’ll definitely be doing some baking and crafting over this holiday. #mischiefandmemories x

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