essential oils reviews

Essential Oils Reviews

For a while now my instagram feed has been full of people extolling the benefits of essential oils and it has always been something  that I have thought was interesting.  My only experience of essential oils was in the spa.  I had got as far as looking at essential oils reviews and uses, but I couldn’t ever decide which ones to go with.  Recently that all  changed when Utama Spice got in touch…

Who are Utama Spice?

Utama Spice is a 100% natural skin care company based in Ubud, Bali.  They focus on using traditional herbal knowledge and applying this to their product.  For them it is about enhancing your skin’s natural beauty and inspiring customers by showing the raw power of nature.   They only use 100% pure natural ingredients.

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Do essential oils really work?

Honestly, I don’t know and different essentials oils reviews say different things.  All I can tell you is that I have noticed them doing what they say.  So the sets that I chose were essential oil blends and individual oils which all are known for certain health benefits. 

For example there is a Pure Energy Blend which is citrus essential oils and it says that this will give you an energizing kick to get you through long days and I have really found that it does make me perk up.  If I am writing and I feel that mid afternoon slump I now don’t reach for a coffee or sugar, but instead switch on my diffuser and the citrus blend genuinely makes me feel more energized.  I have also seen the Focus Blend which has peppermint, rosemary and lemon work;  when I use it I feel more alert and that can’t be a bad thing.

I haven’t really used the oils for any possible health benefits, but I had a headache yesterday and I decided to try the mint oil which is says has properties that ease tension and muscular aches.  I put it in my diffuser and rubbed a little on my temples.  I felt better…  Was it the oils?  I am no expert so who knows, but I do know that I love the scents and to me they feel like they are making a difference.

Essential Oils Reviews; Utama Spice Products 

Now for the good bit.  The products that I tried from Utama Spice were the Danau Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser, Lemongrass Energising Liquid Soap, Citrus Delight Body Mist, Natures Aid Essential Oils Set, Citrus Fresh Candle and Perfect Balance Essential Oil Set.

First the essentials oils reviews… These selection boxes of essential oils and essential oil blends are a perfect introduction into  the world of essential oils as they give  you a chance to try a few and decide which  ones you then like. 

I am personally loving the blends the best.  My absolute favourites are Focus and Pure Energy from the Perfect Balance set although to be honest Bliss is also up there.  They just make my home smell so gorgeous and as I said above really do seem to do what they say on the tin as far as the effect they have on my state of mind and mood.

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Perhaps the best thing that Utama Spice gifted me was the Danau Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser.  I love it!  The style is simple and understated.  It has that Scandi feel about it with just the wood and the glass and it is very small really so it doesn’t have to become a big feature unless you want to put it front and centre.  By the way don’t let the fact that I say it is small lead you to believe it isn’t powerful as this diffuser really works brilliantly and you can smell the oils throughout the ground floor whenever I use it – which is everyday! 

The diffuser has a timer on it so it doesn’t just keep pumping the oils into the air which is great so it works for like a minute on and a minute off.  You can adjust the intensity of the diffuser as well and  there is something  so relaxing about watching  and hearing it do its thing.  I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to start using an oil diffuser.

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Now you may have noticed I have a thing about citrus scents as I chose so many of them to try out.  I just find citrus to be so uplifting and was not disappointed with the Citrus Fresh Candle and Citrus Delight Body Mist.   They both smell beautiful. 

The body mist is so lovely to spray on after a shower using the Lemongrass soap as it just keeps that clean and zingy feeling going.  I also find it really lovely to spray on when I have been busy all day working and am then off to collect the kids from school.  It puts a bit of pep in  my step facing  the world with that gorgeous, bright citrus scent in the air around me.

Last, but not least let me tell you about the Citrus Fresh Candle.  As with the other items the scent of the essential oils is pure heaven.  Honestly it brightens up my day when I smell them.  This candle is in a tin which I love as it means you can take it with you when you travel.  When I travelled for work I always took a small candle or diffuser reed to scent my hotel rooms and make them feel a little more like home. 

Now I am using  this candle in my kitchen as not only is it nice to have a candle burning , but the scent is great for when you are cooking something strong like a curry.  After I finish cooking I light my candle to prevent any food smells from lingering.

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Final thoughts; essential oils reviews

I am very impressed with the Utama Spice products and am really enjoying  using them.  I love the chance to try new things and am a greet believer in alternative ways of helping ourselves to be as healthy and centred as possible.  I love that Utama Spice are a small business using traditional methods to create modern products that are perfect for any home.  Thank you to Utama Spice for giving me the chance to try your products and you have me as a customer from now on.

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  2. I haven’t used essential oils in ages but used to use them a lot to help with relaxation. Time to try them again after this year! #dreamteamlinky

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