Pregnant with number 3. What will it be like having 3 Children

Pregnant with number 3

Having 3 Children

I wonder what it will be like having 3 children? I am pregnant again and so heading towards number 3.  This is something we actively wanted and in our situation needing to take clomid we made this decision, but now that it is here I am both excited and terrified in equal measures.  I alternate between thinking ‘ yippee’ and panic… how will I cope with 3 under 4??  How do you ensure that each of them feels enough love and gets enough attention?
I have friends who have 3 children and they tell me you are constantly outnumbered and life is always hectic as there is always someone playing up or making noise, but they also say it’s great having a larger family and having such a busy household so I am excited but certainly daunted.

I’ll keep you posted during the pregnancy about how it is being pregnant and already having two little people running about


Update-  I am so very sick that I haven’t been able to post much at all about the pregnancy as it is all I can do to get up, function and mind the boys whilst being sick every few minutes.  I am destroyed and there is a reason – it is TWINS!!  So the question really is what will it be like having 4 children.  Now I am really terrified….

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