Hedrin Protect and Go Spray – The fight against Nits!

We were sent Hedrin Protect and Go Spray (nits) for free for the purposes of review, but as ever the opinions given are honest and my own!



Have you ever opened your kids book bag and found that dreaded letter?





Whenever I see that letter I start to itch.  Don’t you?  So when I was asked to try out Hedrin’s Protect and Go Spray I jumped at the chance.   What’s not to like about a spray that you can use regularly to head off those little suckers before they get a hold.  Hedrin recommend using their Protect & Go spray twice a week when your children are going to be in environment where head-lice are prevalent.  They mention play dates, parties and school – so pretty much all the time!  So far (touch wood) my children have never had nits, but I don’t want that to change anytime soon so I was really keen to try a product that might keep nits away forever.

Now I am no scientist so I can’t comment on how effective the product is, but I know from experience that the rest of their range does work so I have no reason to doubt its effectiveness.  What I can comment on is how Hedrin Protect and Go Spray felt in my hair and it is just like any other leave in conditioner.  I found that it made my hair and the children’s easier to brush after the bath.  With their curls and my thick hair that is really useful for us as there can be tears when hair is brushed and that’s just from me!  When I was a child and used nit treatments the one thing that sticks in my mind was the awful smell.   This is not the case with this product.  It smells great just like any other hair product that you would use and so the children didn’t even notice that there was a ‘special’ spray being used.  I just said we had a new conditioner and they were happy with that.

All in all I can’t really fault this product. It is easy to use, smells great, made my hair feel softer, seemed to help to detangle the children’s crazy locks and is protecting us against nits.

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