Holiday Time

Holiday Time

 It’s Holiday Time!!

To my regular readers, firstly thanks for being here at all and perhaps noticing that I am being a bit quiet at the moment.  If you are new to the blog then hello and sorry that you join me at a quiet time; usually I rarely shut up!  It is summer in the UK and the kids are on their long break from school.  I have decided to take a little blogging break well not entirely, but whilst we are on holiday I will just be posting once a week. 

Holiday Time

Last year I tried to continue my usually schedule of posts, but it became a stress.  So whilst I do hope to make this little blog of mine be something that pays its way it remains a creative outlet for me and I want it to still be fun.  I think if I am writing because I feel I must then the quality will surely suffer.  I want to continue to write about the things I am interested in and that I believe you will be interested in and not just write because someone has paid me to do so! 

Anyway I am rambling the point here is that it is holiday time and I am going to take a holiday.  For the next few weeks I am going to spend my time playing with the kids, swimming, sailing and drinking a bit of prosecco…. So I will be quiet on here until September.  I will be around a bit and will still be on Instagram when the slow internet speed here in France allows.  If you fancy getting a bit more engagement on your instagram posts then just # your post with #dreamteamsummer and I will share your post on my stories so you get some new viewers.

Have a fab summer lovely readers and see you in September.

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