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I love the school holidays

I know that there are lots of mummies and daddies out there who inwardly groan every time school holidays approach as it is just a total administrative and organisational nightmare if you are both working.  I totally get why this is not something that people look forward to, but I love the school holidays and as half term starts today I have woken up with a big old smile on my face.

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I love the school holidays because….

  • It means no morning stress. We wake up when we wake up.  Of course, this is still early as they are small children, but there is no rushing or panicking.
  • Fun is paramount. We do fun stuff and that starts from when we wake up.  We might stay in bed for a bit and watch milkshake cartoons or make croissant for breakfast.  It depends how we feel.
  • Freedom! The school holidays remind me of the years before our biggest boy started nursery. Honestly the best years ever.  Where the other limits we had were making it a swimming lesson on time and even then, if we didn’t get there – so what?  (We always did as I am too tight to spend that much and then miss the lesson, but the point is we could miss it if we wanted to)
  • No homework (usually) and so again a stress reduction. Less need for me to be applying the pressure to complete a task.
  • Less Ironing is required. It doesn’t really matter if they are wearing a slightly creased t-shirt at home, but school means ironed stuff.  I have an ironing obsession!  I have got better as I used to iron vests and pjs. The arrival of the twins forced me to see sense on that one.
  • No activities.  All of the clubs and classes they do are also on half term.  They love all the activities, but sometimes I think it is good for them just to be at home with their toys and each other.

So that’s it I love the school holidays a.  It’s the time when I feel I can really prioritise having fun with them and forget about the pressures of everyday life.  We have so much more time together and I can use that to enjoy them being kids and enjoy being their mummy.  Now don’t get me wrong it is not all fun and games.  They will undoubtedly make me want to pull my hair out before the half term week is over.  Yet still I am looking forward to a week without that rotten school run (have I mentioned that I hate the school run?!).

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