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Is it because I am 40ish?

Today our biggest boy is still really not very well so we find ourselves stuck inside on what is a rather glorious, albeit, freezing day. The other littles are so bored and there are only so many times they can play with their toys are run about the house. We have exhausted playmobil, hairdressers and Ben and holly so I finally gave in and sent the husband to buy a new xbox game for the younger son so at least he could be entertained for a bit. Anyway the game I bought is aimed at children, but I said I would have a go first to work it out for him as he is only 5. It’s just a fun platform game collecting coins and could I play – could I hell as like! I spent 10 painful minutes trying and even the sick child who has barely spoken all day starting frustratedly shouting at the tv (well at me really). The furore was so intense with the boys that even the husband came down from his DIY exploits to see what was going on and joined in the shouting (everyone is an expert). Then the 5yr old took control and within seconds was whizzing around the game getting coins and jumping here there and everywhere. How is this possible? Are they programmed differently these children or is it just that I am 40ish? (41 to be exact as I was reminded by the children yesterday when I said I was 40 – thanks for that littles). As I sit here typing this and having to constantly lift my glasses up and down depending on what I am looking at my ass is feeling very old and I thinking it is because I am 40ish that I can’t work out a child’s game. I think I will stick to play doh or rebuilding and organising the playmobil princess castles for the 1000th time today. Certainly more my speed.

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