My huge mummy handbag vs my 20 something handbag

mummy handbag contents
What’s in your mummy handbag?

On a recent night out to a friend’s 40th birthday party I was loving my outfit and feeling good.  I was feeling confident and then I reached into my handbag and pulled out toddler princess knickers! 

I mean honestly – how not to be cool! Thank god they were clean! This was not a given… I cannot put my hand on my heart and swear that I wouldn’t have quickly stuffed knickers with wee on into my bag instead of the changing bag. 

Anyway it made me laugh that this is what I had brought on a night out and reflect on the difference between my mummy handbag and my 20 something handbag…

My mummy handbag vs my 20 something handbag


Mummy  20 Something
A pair of toddler knickers – just in case  A pair of roll up ballet pumps – for tired dancing feet
A packet of wipes – for every eventuality  Toilet paper – in case the club runs out
Snacks – for them not me! Fags – idiot!
Phone – so I am armed with emergency peppa pig Phone – so we could coordinate the fun
Soft play membership card ID – as I deliciously still got asked
Wallet – for coffee or smashed avo (middle class who?) Wallet – for tequila

And which bag do I prefer? 

The mummy handbag of course! Yes it comes with with sticky fingers, dirty bottoms and a whole heap of whining, but it also comes with cheeky grins, endless cuddles and unconditional love from this crazy crew. 

4 little kids

Honestly I wouldn’t swap either bag.  Being a Mummy changes you and as soon as they arrive you are signing up for a different life, but not a worse one.  Both my mummy bag and my 20 something bag make me who I am.  They are both part of me and my life.  I am glad that I had my time when I was younger to go out and do as I pleased.  I am glad that I had the chance to be selfish and that my husband and I were able to have time together going out and travelling whenever we wanted.  I am also glad that we had that time to establish ourselves so that when the children came along we were settled into our family home and ready.  Well as ready as you can ever be for having children as lets face it you don’t know what you are letting yourself in for…  As I write this though I feel completely content that the 20 something girl is gone now.  The lady with the mummy handbag is altogether more confident in herself, a bit battle weary and infinitely more anxious than the 20 something handbag girl, but she is also exactly where she is supposed to be and despite all the extra grey hairs and stress she wouldn’t give up that mummy handbag for anything…

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