One of those days 1 1

One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where your brain turns to mush?  A day where nothing really seems to go right and your brain just doesn’t seem to be working the way it usually does? Well I do!! Today was one of them. I just couldn’t think straight and I kept making silly mistakes and losing things.  I have been like a goldfish all day; swimming around my bowl and forgetting that I had been there two seconds earlier.  I have been driving myself crazy.

One of those days

It might have to do with the fact that I am shattered thanks to a certain little lady giving me crazy early wake up girls.   Let’s hop e it is a phase that she will grow out of.  Even on my 4th child I am still baffled by toddler sleeping.  Today started off with a 4:30am wake up call from one of the twins.  She also woke up her sister and one of her brothers.  He didn’t manage to get back to sleep and so was like the devil incarnate on the school run.  We then to playgroup and one of the twins wet herself twice; once on a rug which I had to take home and wash.   Just what I need more washing….  I managed to forget to go to the dry cleaners and misplaced my handbag and front door keys like 10 times.  There was some respite with a lovely afternoon in the sun on the common after school with some friends, but then it really all went to shit!


I lost the backdoor keys and was entirely convinced that I had put them back where they belong.  Clearly I hadn’t as they weren’t there, but I was so convinced!!  My brain just stopped functioning and I literally couldn’t think.  I do not cope well when I lose things and reverted back to my 8 year old self telling everyone to stop playing with the fashion wheel and help me look for my scissors….  Today I even had my 7 year old helping me look.  I literally lost my sense of reason as I was stressing completely about where they could be and I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else properly so I then overcooked the dinner.  Ahhhhhh!!!

My 3 year old told me she had seen the keys on the floor, but couldn’t remember where she had put them.  On reflection I think she was just trying to wind me up, but it had me going so I was searching their bedroom, the bin everywhere….  Eventually after about an hour of looking my husband found them just sitting on the shelf.  The shelf that I had looked on about 1000 times.  I swear I must have looked directly at them and just not seen them through my annoyance at having lost the damn things.

Add to that I have managed to misplace my notebook where I have written a whole load of blog posts and you have me currently fit to burst with annoyance at myself.  Instead of continuing to be annoyed or giving myself a slap  I thought I would have a good old rant about how bloody daft I can be which I have to say is helping.  I even think I have learnt things about myself:

  1. I am not a person who can have one set of keys for anything
  2. This girl doesn’t do well when I am tired
  3. I am disorganised and chaotic
  4. Sometimes I just need to have a freak out – it makes me feel better
  5. I don’t like rats – did I mention there is a rat in my kitchen???  I kid you not…

Right moan over people.  Thanks for listening and apologies for the brain dump. I am off to bed to reset for tomorrow as the thing about parenting is there is no day off.  No matter how irritating today was tomorrow I need to be back on form and ready to play again.

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