Potty Training Twins – Day Two

OMG!!! What a shambles…  The wheels well and truly came off today.  I had help all day so it should have been easier, but the twins seem to have entirely abandoned ship.  We went through so many pairs of knickers and it was so cold we had to keep on putting them on.

The only success we had today was one of the twins doing a poo in the potty.  I am not sure how much of a victory this was though.  She has been struggling with poos and that is really why we started the potty training journey as she just hates doing it in a nappy.  One of the twins did ask for the potty at one point and did produce a wee, but apart from that the weeing on the floor was prolific and everywhere.  Including on the carpet in my dressing room – not ideal!

Her sister did manage some consistency, but unfortunately that was peeing in the same place in the hallway several times…. Does that count as progress?

It’s funny though I don’t feel at all frustrated by the process.  I am still feeling positive about the whole thing.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day that we turn the corner towards no nappies.

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