Potty Training Twins

Its time – the time I have been dreading since they were born.  I have to potty train these twins.  Potty training has never really been my strong suit.  It certainly has not been a part of parenting that I have enjoyed.  I wonder though does anyone enjoy having pee and excrement everywhere for a couple of days?!  Probably not….  Potty training twins seems a fairly daunting task.  I guess it has to be done so I just need to get prepared and get on with it.  I thought what might be interesting would be to do a daily diary this week whilst we potty train. So expect a daily post lovely people. Today we will get started with thinking about potty training preparation.

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Pre Potty Training Preparation List

  • Buy pottys – I hear that having a potty that sings or makes a flushing sound can help, but I just haven’t gone down this route. I only buy simple ones.  I think this one looked good as it is easy pour so this could be our winner!

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  • Take the girls to buy special ‘knickers‘  – I want them to feel excited to wear there new knickers and so we have got princess pants as they just love a princess
  • Stock up on kitchen roll and anti bacterial wipes – we all know there will be puddles so get prepared.  I use dettol wipes as I find they are quite big and don’t have a fake smell about them, but any will do!

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So that’s it.  We are ready to go.  Well as ready as I will ever be!!  Wish me luck and patience and I will update the site each day with our progress over the next few days

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