preparing for a covid winter

8 Ways We Are Preparing for a Covid Winter

Preparing for a covid winter

Every time you turn on the TV or look on the internet at the moment there seems to be nothing, but doom and gloom about the impending winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is tempting just to hide under a duvet until it is all over, but that isn’t very realistic and so I have decided to look on the bright side and be positive and practical about preparing for a covid winter. 

preparing for a covid winter


This post isn’t about taking care of your health as whilst this is important, of course, when preparing for a covid winter I am not an expert.  If you want to know more about preparing for a covid winter health wise here are some sites I have found useful: 

NHS Keeping Well in Winter

How to boost your immune system

So that is what it isn’t about…  This article is all about getting your home and your lifestyle ready for winter.  Preparing for a covid winter is, for me, about how to make this tricky time as bearable as possible by changing how we live in our homes and how we think about winter. 

As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in it is easy to feel a bit down and to feel like you want to stay inside, but mental health wise this may not be the way to go especially this year with the constant concern and possibility of another lockdown.  Of course we all hope that it won’t come to that, but in case it does we want to be prepared.  

If you are feeling anxious about the future, as many of us are, then check out our top tips for easing anxiety

How you can prepare for a covid winter by changing your mindset

Take inspiration from our Scandinavian cousins… 

It is cold in Scandinavia, really cold and yet they don’t hide away inside all winter.  Let’s face it if they did they would spend a lot of time indoors…  So instead they take the approach of getting out whenever they can and soaking up any sunlight that does show its face.  I recently visited Denmark in December and it was cold, but with the benefit of hygge we were still sitting outside at restaurants drinking hot chocolate or gluhwein and sitting under cosy blankets whilst candles burnt.

We need to change our mindsets and look for the positive whilst preparing for the negative and spinning it to our advantage.

Invest in layers when preparing for a covid winter

The norwegians say ‘there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes’ So think about getting those layers on.  Silks, long underwear or thermal base layers can make it easier to be outside when it is colder and darker and of course high quality outerwear is key to keeping that wind and rain off you.

Think about outdoorsy activities that you can do

A weekend bike ride with the kids, a game of football in the park or on a sunny day even a picnic can be an option; think cozy blankets on laps and self inflating mats to sit on and insulate bottoms from the floor.

Create an outdoor lounge

I think many of us (lucky enough to have one) have learnt to really appreciate our gardens this year so we thought why stop using it just because winter is coming.  In preparing for a covid winter we are planning how we can keep using our garden.  So we have made an outdoor lounge area complete with waterproof cushions and the all important fire pit. 

The important thing in planning an outdoor area for winter is keeping the weather at bay…   A fire pit can really help with the warmth, but if it is windy and raining that won’t be enough to create a lovely space that you want to be outside in during the winter. 

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I suggest also finding a way to cover the area.  We are planning to use a sail shade.  This against a fence should give enough shelter along with faux fur blankets and a fire pit to make our outdoor lounge a lovely place to sit and read or have a glass of wine. 

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Assuming that regulations allow we will also be able to use this outdoor lounge to socialise with a friend whilst keeping a safe distance and being outdoors.

Think about how and where the children can play

If you have a garden then think about creating them a space that is at least sheltered.  This will keep them slightly warmer and will then mean you don’t have to always be standing around in the park when it is freezing.  In our small London garden we are turning the playhouse into an mini soft play for the kids complete with an internal climbing wall and punch bag.  We want the kids to still be able to be in the garden getting warm through exercise and fun, but without the wind chill…

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Creating some interest and ways of the kids burning off energy in the garden will also be a huge advantage should we have to face another lockdown or even just prefer to stay at home and mix less with others.

Don’t forget the Lighting

Part of the issue with winter and preparing a for a covid winter where many of the usual places we might go will be off the agenda is the dark.  Here is London it is dark by 4:30pm in the middle of winter and so light is vital if you want to be able to enjoy this season.  To make your garden or balcony useable a good outdoor light is vital.  How cute are these string lights for giving atmosphere and warmth.  Add to the fire pit and I am almost looking forward to winter – almost as I love the summer.

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Embrace getting cozy

If there was ever a time that not being able to go to many places could be embraced it is when preparing for a covid winter.  We may get restricted again and we may not be able to socialise much or visit some of the indoor locations we may have done in previous years so lets be positive about taking time to have family movie nights and sleep more whilst still getting outside just as much as we can.

Preparing for a covid winter

Flowers flowers everywhere

This summer planting lots of flowers really cheered up the days of lockdown so if you have anywhere that you can plant flowers then I totally recommend doing it.  There are lots of flowers that will continue to bloom throughout the colder months in the UK so get yourself some pansies, jasmine, Cyclamen and heather are just a few great examples which are easy to grow and give a gorgeous injection of colour to brighten up even the darkest winter day.

I am actually looking forward to taking the opportunity to use the garden more throughout the winter months.  Preparing for a covid winter and staying home more to stay safe may not be so bad after all.  There are uncertain times ahead that is for sure, but by being positive and preparing for a covid winter the only way I can I can remain hopeful.  I am definitely not writing off winter just yet!


19 thoughts on “8 Ways We Are Preparing for a Covid Winter”

  1. Great post. We really so need to change our mindset and realise that we can still get outdoors in winter. I’m fortunate that cold and wet doesn’t bother Little Miss so she drags me out rain or shine.

    1. Thanks! There is so much to despise about covid, but I am genuinely learning lessons and making positive change for me and the family as a result of it too. Previously our garden was basically just a wasted area in the colder months, but not this year!

  2. Thank you for the reminder to plan and prepare. This is so important and something I don’t do enough. As a daddy of five kiddos, I know being ready is important. We’ve created a garage lounge (complete with art room) as opposed to an outdoor one. As MN drops well below 0 in the Winter.

    Oh, and it’s great to connect. I’m visiting from #DreamTeamLinky

    1. The gararge lounge sounds perfect. It is great to connect and thanks for joining us on the #DreamTeam. Hope to see you back this week.


  3. Shelley Whittaker

    What a lovely, positive post! I completely agree that one needs to invest in layers of clothing (coming from an Australian living in the UK). But I also think the UK needs to make more of drinking and dining outside (when its not totally miserable). In York, lots of restaurants have started putting tables and chairs outside and investing in awnings etc. – I love it. And finally, I have also bought lighting for the garden and plants for in the house to help make us all just feel a bit more homely and upbeat 🙂 stay safe xx #DreamTeamLinky

  4. What a fab post! I love the idea of creating an outside lounge space. We’ve got the seating, but not the shelter. I’ll have to look into a sail. It’s something we were talking about for next summer too. #DreamTeamLinky xxx

  5. I have been stressing the importance of being healthy but not thought about the practicalities of the colder weather yet so thatnks for setting me off in the right direction! #dreamteamlinky

    1. We had our first fire pit in the rain on Friday night and we were covered and cosy. It was great to know my idea for still getting outside is going to work and yes to the healthy part. We are all taking our vitamin D and trying to stay as fit and healthy as possible

    1. Yep! I have a gardener round right now quoting for revamping the kids play house into more of a mini soft play as I think we will be at home ALOT!

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