Protecting Children from the Sun

Protecting Children from the Sun with Mustela UK

As a child of the 70s I am very lucky that my mother was not of the sunflower oil on the skin persuasion and did actually put sunscreen on us…  As a mother in the 2000’s I am super paranoid about protecting my children’s skin from the effects of the sun.  Nowadays we all know that protecting children from the sun is vital.  Children are now sent to school with hats and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use high protection sunscreen for their children and indeed for themselves.   WE HAVE BEEN SENT PRODUCTS FOR THE PURPOSE OF REVIEW.  ALL THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS ARE MY OWN!!!  POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS**

Protecting Children from the Sun

We have finally started to have a real feeling of summer in the UK so much so that the girl’s nursery asked for us to bring in sunscreen tomorrow.  Fortunately for me the lovely peeps over at Mustela have set our family up for summer with a sun protection kit including Very High Protection Sun Lotion 300ml pump bottleVery High Protection Sun Lotion 100ml tube, Very High Protection Sun Lotion for the face pocket size 40ml and After Sun Lotion 125ml tube.   We are summer ready.   If you would like to win your own  set keep reading for details of the giveaway.

Protecting Children from the Sun giveaway


Mustela is not a new brand to me.  We have been using their high protection sun cream for kids and babies for a long while now.  Protecting children from the sun is a big responsibility as a parent and I have the added complication that many of the family have eczema and/ or very sensitive skin.  This means I am very careful about what I put on their skin.  I don’t want to cause any dryness or flare ups.  When my eldest was a baby I did lots of research into children’s sunscreen so that I could make sure what I was using would adequately protect my children’s sensitive skin.  That is how I found Mustela and started using their products not only for sun protection, but also for bath time.


Did you know that all sun protection is not suitable for babies?  You probably did, but I knew nothing before I had my children and had no idea about this at all.  As I understand it (I am no expert)  the best thing to do for babies and even when protecting children from the sun is to keep them out of direct sunlight, but this isn’t always practical or realistic.    Mustela sun protection is suitable from birth even for children who are coming out of the NICU.  T

No Yucky Chemicals

Mustela very high protection sun lotions is made of 86% ingredients of natural origin.  Including their patented natural ingredient Avocado Perseose which reinforces the skin barrier and preserves the cellular richness of the skin from UV rays.  The sun lotion is paraben free and does not contain phthalate or phenoxyethanol.

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Many of the high factor sunscreens that I have tried for when protecting children from the sun have caused me a total headache as they are so thick that they just won’t rub in.  It is really not the end of the world if the kids have a tinge of white left after the cream is rubbed in, but my children are not convinced!   Mustela is different.  All of the sun lotions are factor 50 and yet it goes on super easily and is quickly absorbed by the skin.  This is major plus for me as in the mornings before school we just don’t have time to work at rubbing in suncreen.

What it won’t do

This sun lotion won’t stop your children from wiggling and wriggling when you put it on.  Although the fact it doesn’t take a week to rub it in will lessen the drama in my experience… Nor will it stop them moaning about having sun cream on to start with, but the lovely people at Mustela can’t work miracles…. So if you can manage the moaning and groaning of the children as you call them away from playing to reapply that sunscreen then they will do the protecting children from the sun.  They say it takes a village….


If you would like to get your family set for summer then head over to Instagram where we are running a giveaway for these same items.  The giveaway closes at Midnight on Friday 24th May 2019 so be quick and get entering!   



Entry instructions are on the giveaway post on Instagram.

Entrants must follow all the instructions for a valid entry (there aren’t lots don’t panic)

Once closed I will pick a winner at random using an app and confirm they have followed instructions and are therefore a valid entrant. 

I will then announce winner the following day (Saturday 25th May 2019)

Mustela UK will send the prize out to the winner directly so the notified winner will need to supply their postal address when contacted (within 48hrs of instagram DM or I will have to redraw)

Any queries please just ask!!

31 thoughts on “Protecting Children from the Sun with Mustela UK”

  1. This great post brought back memories of me lining up my four very disgruntled children and slathering them with sunscreen the minute we arrived at the beach when they were ITCHING to get into the water and start their fun!

  2. Sounds good if it’s made from natural ingredients/ is a mineral sunscreen that won’t contribute to coral bleaching if it gets into the sea – presumably with your kids. There is obviously the alternative of simply covering up with long sleeves when swimming or something very light when out and abouts, cheap and 100% effective 🙂 #dreamteam

    1. I was actually applying suncream to a moving target in the playground this morning. Needless to say his jumper is now fully protected from the sun lol! #DreamTeam

  3. I can’t believe we have come to this time of year again where it is time to get the sun tan lotion out! I am extremely cautious like you about keeping their skin protected – I can’t stand the thought of one of them getting burned.This will remind me now to go out soon and make a purchase, though I have to say that the sun is taking it’s time making an appearance over here. It’s still a bit on the cloudy side! #dreamteam

  4. I’m so glad to have seen your post Kirsty. We all have sensitive skin too, and have yet to find a really good suncream that doesn’t cause flare ups. I’ll be looking out of this brand. #DreamTeam xx

  5. We got a summer letter to send the kid to school in sunscreen every day now. I’ll get some of this, because there’s sensitive skin in this house, too. #dreamteam

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