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Scandi Nursery Furniture from Mokee

Scandi Nursery Furniture from Mokee – Review


Scandi Nursery furniture is something I  didn’t even know that this was a thing when my children were babies, but I recently had the chance to work with Mokee and was gifted some scandi nursery furniture which I used to transform my twins room.  Now 6 months after receiving this furniture I am sharing  my review.  Mokee nursery furniture may be reasonably priced, it may look stunning, but with all furniture the question is…  Is it functional?  Does it provide the storage you need?  Here is my complete review of the Schpinkle Scandi Nursery Furniture.

FULL DISCLAIMER:  Just so you know I was gifted the  wardrobe, the chest of drawers, the shelving unit and one cot bed with drawer.  I then purchased an additional cot bed.

Scandi Nursery Furniture

What is Scandi style?

Before we start on my thoughts on the Mokee Scandi Nursery furniture we need to be clear about what scandi style is.  Scandi of course comes from the Scandanavian countries and is characterised by clean lines, minimalism and functionality.  Perhaps this is why it is so popular?  We need our furniture to be functional especially when talking about children’s rooms.  Even a baby nursery tends to contain a lot of stuff and the Scandi style really lends itself to that as it is about having a place for everything and not having it all on show.  If you would love to be minimalist, but just are not that person then scandi nursery furniture could be for you.

The colours tend to be monochromatic using whites and tan coloured woods or muted pinks, blues or greys as the only colours so it is very soft as a colour scheme and again that is perfect for a nursery or children’s room.

The Schpinkle Scandi Nursery Furniture Range

We were gifted a wardrobe, a shelving unit and a chest of drawers from this range and they are just gorgeous.  The shapes are simple.  I chose the white, but then bought cots  in the grey and together they look so lovely.

The Schpinkle range is very tactile there is something about the finish (that is very smooth) that makes you want to touch it!  The design details are in keeping with the scandi aesthetic and so the legs are almost architectural in their design and they are made from beautiful sustainable wood.

This scandi nursery furniture is also really practical.  The drawers open using a sweet cut out detail that is easy for even little hands to open. Not only do these cut outs look great, but they are also so practical as it means no handles so this furniture is very easy to keep clean. 

Scandi Style Nursery furniture

The wardrobe doors also have no handles with a simple press opening and close function.  I love this element of the scandi design  as handles really do get dirty and are hard to clean.  Having flat fronted furniture means that you can just wipe down the cupboards or chest of drawers whenever you are cleaning.  Super simple, stylish and practical!

The height of the chest of drawers is perfect for my 5 year olds and they can access their clothes themselves.  The drawers in the units are all of a great size.  They are deep and wide. You can see from this picture how much stuff you can fit into one of the drawers.  

The wardrobe has two doors; one side has hanging space and the other shelving.  This is flexible though with holes for the shelf supports throughout so you can adjust the shelf heights.  The quantity of storage in this wardrobe is excellent.  We have hanging clothes for two girls and two toy storage boxes in the main part of the wardrobe and then there is still a drawer underneath which for us house shorts, underwear and socks for one of the girls.  They then share the chest of drawers and this is more than enough room for two girl’s clothing.

In addition we have the open shelving unit and I think this is my favourite part of the room.  I just love the shape and the fact that the shelves are seemingly randomly spaced and you have the chance to shut some of the chaos away with two doors.

Schpinkle by Mokee Scandi Nursery Funiture

I have also added small storage boxes to our unit to store some of the girls smaller bits and pieces toys. Mokee also have some lovely storage boxes on their site which if I were choosing I would have bought, but the girls desperately wanted pink….

Putting together the furniture

Mokee furniture arrives flat packed, but with good quality drawings.  I actually managed to do quite a lot of it myself;  which is a miracle as I am pretty rubbish with a flat pack.  I won’t lie and say I found it easy, but my husband tells me this is easier than many others he has used.  He also commented on how well constructed the packs are.  The small details  that he liked were things like all the drawer base boards being tacked in and not just a slide in as with other  flat packs.  Mokee furniture is strong and seems like it is made to last even with my four rambunctious children clambering all over it.


On the subject of kids and Mokee furniture be assured that the units come with safety straps so that you can secure your units to the wall and make sure that the children can’t tip over the furniture.  The drawers are also sofy close so no little fingers get trapped.


I am a big fan of Mokee scandi nursery furniture as it is both functional and beautiful.  The people at Mokee are very clever at getting you extra storage with things like under cot drawers.  No space is wasted and that is what you need in a children’s bedroom or baby nursery. Mokee understand what is important to parents.  We need to be able to put things away and children have a lot of stuff…

Scandi nursery furniture

What I also love is that you could use this furniture from birth to teenager.  It isn’t mini furniture or baby style furniture that your child will grow out off.  This is a timeless style that can grow with your child.  My girls are now 5 and I know that they will be able to keep these wardrobes and shelves for many years to come.  We also have the cot beds which of course they will grow out of, but at aged 5 they are still very much in them.  My 7 year old can lie down in the cot beds comfortably so I think we will using them for a while yet.

I love that they they are easy to keep clean and I think that the lines of the furniture is so stunning it has really made my little girl’s room a joy.

All in all I have very little if anything negative to say about our experience with Mokee and I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for good quality children or baby furniture.  Mokee understand design and function; the quality is great and the price is very reasonable indeed.

17 thoughts on “Scandi Nursery Furniture from Mokee”

    1. It does seem to be very well made. It is still flatpack, but all of the joins and screws etc are a better quality than some other leading brands

  1. Shelley Whittaker

    This furniture is gorgeous. I absolutely love Scandi design and try to design my house with Scandi pieces. #mischiefandmemories

  2. The Mokee scandi furniture range is so lovely. I’ve seen that they make a cover to turn a cot into a sofa to extend the use too now. If I had a furniture do over, I’d definitely consider some of their pieces. #mischiefandmemories xx

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