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Yesterday, I was excitingly nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by the lovely Empty Nest Mummy and I am more than delighted to accept.  I have been writing my blog for a number of years, but have only recently really given it any proper time and am loving the chance to write everyday so it was a thrill to receive a confirmation that others are enjoying it.

I was especially flattered to receive a nomination from the Empty Nest Mummy as she is so very funny and I love reading her blog.  She is now a SAHM whose littles are at school each day and I am taking inspiration from her for my soon to be empty nest life.  If you enjoy a blog with a very humorous take on family life along with some great recipes and ideas for activities and crafts you can do with the children then her site is most certainly worth a follow.

7 Things you might not know about me

Now on receiving a nomination for this award you are asked to share 7 things about yourself so readers can find out a bit about the person behind the blog so here goes.  I am jolly boring really so apologies in advance….

  1. I am a creature of habit and enjoy the familiarity of the same. This means I often order the same food each time I go to a particular restaurant and like to holiday at the same place several times (see told you I was boring)
  2. I am a ball of anxiety and am afraid of everything including flying, anaesthetic and sometimes even the tube.  I am also a stubborn and determined thing though so I constantly ignore my fear and get my big girl pants on
  3. That neatly brings me onto the fact that I lost 3 stone last year and so now don’t have such big girl pants.  I did this through exercise and diet changes and am very proud of myself
  4. I love running and that is something I never thought I would say, but I do!  It is a great chance for me to clear my head, think and be in my own company
  5. I love to write and find it hugely rewarding to have a creative outlet in the form of this blog.  I have high hopes for my little blog, but even if no one ever reads it I get a personal benefit from writing it
  6. Since 2013 I have been a stay at home mum who had a successful HR career and thought this was super important to me, but something switched in my head the first time I looked at our first born.  From there as soon as I could it was game over for me and the City of London
  7. I am shy and nervous of new situations and people.  Those who know me won’t believe me as I am also loud and never stop talking. I think its called fake it till you make it!


Now for a lovely bit of receiving this nomination.  According to the rules I now get to nominate 15 of the blogs that I love to read so here goes:

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