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How to welcome a new mom home

After a baby is born: how to welcome a new mom home

Is it time to say welcome home mommy?  Are you wondering how to welcome a new mom home after having a baby? Learn from parents and experts what was most meaningful to them to make their lives easier.

Welcome home a new mom

Saying Welcome Home Mommy

After birth, mother and child need a lot of rest – so it is all the more important that both immediately feel comfortable at home. It is up to the family and friends to get the house ready, order flower delivery London service, and get the house ready for their arrival. With these suggestions and tips, the baby room and the whole home will be prepared and decorated.

Welcome Home Ideas for New Parents

Many parents can hardly wait to welcome their baby into their home after the birth. Some prefer to enjoy this moment as a small family, while others prefer a reception with grandparents, siblings, and friends. Whether alone as new parents with a newborn or in a larger company, a beautiful decoration and a lovingly furnished baby room are always appropriate for this special moment. Here are tips on how to welcome the baby and mom home after the birth.

Cook a Healthy Meal

New moms simply don’t have time to stand in the kitchen for long. Especially when breastfeeding, it is important to eat healthily. Some foods are not allowed, while others help with milk-forming. So, having some food ready in the house is a really good idea. Research in advance what food are best after giving birth and prepare some.

Better still do some batch cooking for the family so that when you are saying welcome home mommy you are also preparing for the days and weeks ahead.  By batch cooking meals you will be helping the new mom everyday and making sure that she always has something easy and nutritious to have for dinner when she is too exhausted to make it.

Celebrate With a Birthday Cake

Yes, a birthday cake! After all, the baby had just been born and technically it is their birthday. The guests and a new mom will especially enjoy a themed cake or a homemade one if you are up to the task.  Who wouldn’t want to be greeted with a cake?

Offer a Basket of Goodies

A new mom has accomplished a tremendous feat – show your gratitude with a gift basket. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece of jewelry (although very few women would object to it), but a nice bouquet of flowers, favorite chocolates, a new T-shirt, or an elegant shower gel is also a great welcome gift.  One friend sent me a basket of breakfast muffins and I can’t tell you what a fab gift that was.  It was so lovely having a little treat when I was breastfeeding!

Help Around the House

There should be no mountains of dirty laundry waiting for the young mother, no demands made on her cooking skills, and no avalanche of visitors to your household – all that can completely overwhelm a woman who has just given birth. If you are in a position to do so try to be a gatekeeper as a welcome home to the new mom.   Limit visitors unless she says she wants to see someone and try to help as much as possible with those day to day household tasks.

The Gift of Thank You Cards

If all the purchases have been done in advance and the house is ready, it might seem that there is nothing you can do. However, you can always find a nice Thank You card or congratulations. Such a gift will be especially acceptable from a new father, thanking his wife for bringing this child into the world.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures of this special day is also a good idea. When the child is a bit older they will appreciate seeing themselves for the first time cross the threshold of the house they live in possibly even now.

Gift Baby Essentials

If you haven’t managed to prepare everything for the arrival of your baby before the birth (sometimes babies come earlier than expected), this should be done at the latest before the mother and child come home from the hospital. The changing table and the cot should be set up and provided with padding or bed linen, diapers and diaper pails should be ready, onesie should be washed and ready to hand, all care products should be bought and the baby bath should be clean, and ready for the first use. If you are new to all this then you need our baby essentials checklist – it is everything you need to have before baby arrives and having all of this ready will really help when saying welcome home mommy.

Breast (or Bottle) Feeding Care Package

For the birth, of course, everyone wants to give the baby something. But sometimes reusable feeding bottles, a nice cotton nursing top, or pretty and washable underwear are a more welcome (and sustainable) gift than the umpteenth cuddly toy or cuddle cloth for the offspring. You can find special care packages that include these items and anything else the baby might need. Another great gift can be buying nappies for the new parents, but just check whether they are using disposable ones or not.

White Noise Machine

Not every baby finds it easy to fall asleep at night. To help the baby when falling asleep, there are so-called “sleep aids” which a basically white noise machines. These are totally different from model to model: some mimic the sounds the baby heard in the mother’s tummy, while others play soothing music. The choice is huge.  They can also be super useful for the new mom when she needs to nap during the day with her baby.

Baby Blanket

Babies need to be cozy. Whether in the stroller or at home, expectant parents definitely need a cuddly blanket. The anti-dust allergic baby blanket that is made of 100 percent fleece on both sides is a perfect choice.

Simple Decorating Ideas to Welcome Newborn Baby Home

While the baby may still be far too small to recognize decorations when they arrive in the house, parents and guests will definitely appreciate it.

Classic decorations for the birth include:

  • Pennant chains and garlands;
  • Balloons;
  • Bows;
  • Door signs.

A pennant chain or garland can also be ideally hung outside over the door or on a wall – but should it storm, this welcome home decoration for mother and child won’t last long. A typical saying that can be written on garlands and pennants is “Welcome Home Mommy”


  • What do You Say to a New Mother After Giving Birth?

There is no universal saying that will suit all situations. Just say how proud of her, express what a tremendous feat it is and reassure her that she will be an amazing mother.

  • How do You Welcome a New Baby into Your Family?

The main thing is to make the baby comfortable. For quite some time its only concern will be a full stomach and clean clothes.

  • How do You Say You’re Welcome Baby?

«Welcome to the world, little one!» is probably the best way. However, if you are quite close with the parents and can say something more personal then do so.

  • How do You Comfort a New Mother?

Make the next few days completely free of any distractions. All she has to care about now is the baby. So, do all the house chores and buy everything the mother and the baby might need.  It is overwhelming having a new baby especially when it is the first so be prepared for the new mom to be emotional and daunted.  The best you can do is support her and take her lead on what she needs – oh and help her to at least get some sleep!

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