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World Book Day Craft for Toddlers

In our house we have two boys at school and two toddlers at home.  With World Book Day coming up there has been much excitement about what character they wanted to be especially as it is the first time their school has done it.  This excitement has not been lost on the toddlers, but they won’t be dressing up – at least not in a new costume.  They can pick something from the dressing up cupboard, but I cannot manage to plan 4 outfits on demand.  I know very mean mummy!  I did want to do something with them to mark World Book Day so that they felt involved and I settled on this craft idea.  We made bookmarks that are perfect for a toddler craft as there is no glue and no glitter involved so little mess, but lots of fun for them.

world book day

Things you will need for this craft:

Things you will need

  • Scissors
  • Sticky backed plastic
  • Bits of coloured tissue paper
  • Card
  • A Ruler
  • A pencil

The How To:

With this one I recommend cutting the sticky plastic to size and prepping the surround before you start.  What I did was get the girls to rip up bits of tissue whilst I prepped and they loved it!

  1. IMG 9988 Copy Measure a border around your piece of card and mark it with a pencil
  2. IMG 9989 Use scissors to cut out the centre of the piece of card so you are left with a frame
  3. IMG 9990 Copy Lay the frame on top of a piece of sticky backed plastic.  It needs to be slightly bigger than the frame the whole way round.  My toddlers loved doing this so for them I just made the bits of sticky plastic even bigger so it was less fiddly.  I just trimmed the excess afterwards
  4. IMG 9995 Cover the centre with different bits of tissue.  This is where the littles can go wild.  You can see that their tissue goes over the edge of the frame, but it doesn’t matter it can just be trimmed
  5. Bookmarks World Book Day craft Stick a second piece of sticky backed plastic on top and smooth out any bumps.  You then just cut off any excess et voila!  A World Book Day themed craft

We have used these to support our conversations about books and reading, but we also gave two of the bookmarks to their Nanny and Great Nanny.  They loved them so you could also think about this craft idea for a Mother’s Day Gift.


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  1. I love anything that doesn’t involve glue! winner! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, please do come back on Tuesday to celebrate our 1st Birthday, we have a surprise in store!

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