baby loss awareness

Baby Loss Awareness Week #BLAW2018 #Blogtober18 Day 15

baby loss awareness

As many of you lovely readers will know I have been joining in with #Blogtober18 and today’s theme is the ones who couldn’t stay to mark the start of baby loss awareness week.  I wasn’t sure whether to join in today as I have no personal experience of baby loss.  Of course I have friends and family who have lost babies, but I can only imagine how this feels.  In fact I can’t imagine….  One of my own little girls was very ill when she was born and I feared losing her, but I didn’t lose her so I can’t understand how it feels.   I would hate to offend anyone with my post so I will explain why I did decide to write today….  This is about awareness and about making it not taboo for those who have suffered such sadness and loss to be able to talk about their situation.  I felt if I did not write something then I too would be saying – we shouldn’t talk about this, we should hide this as it is painful and difficult and so I write to support those who have had this experience.  I will stop there and simply say I am so sorry that they couldn’t stay and point you to some of the women who tell their stories about being 1 in 4.



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