back to school

Back to School

Back to School again

So it is already that time again… Time for the kids to go back to school.  If you are a regular reader then you will know that these holidays have been pretty tough round these parts so in many ways I shall be relieved to start the school term again, but I am not looking forward to that school run.  Have I mentioned I hate the school run?!??


Back to School

Of course as soon as they go back I will miss them and be longing for them to be home,  but for right now I do need a bit of a break.

Back to school for the best term

I actually can’t believe we are back to school already as it doesn’t seem like we have even found our holiday time groove yet, but still back they go.  This term is my favourite term not least because the summer uniform doesn’t involve a shirt and tie so the whole getting dressed process is much quicker. 

I also love the summer term as the brighter evenings and (in theory) better weather mean that we can actually do something fun after school.  We have limited after school clubs or activities to two days per week this term. So we have 3 days to get out and have some fun.  I am looking forward to picnics on the common, hours in the pool and I am sure lots of tree climbing.

Last term at nursery

This back to school feels a little poignant as it marks the start of the girls last term at nursery.  It is my last term EVER with my babies at home.  It is for sure the end of an era and marks a huge change for my life.  I have had little people at home for 8 years and I am not sure I can even remember what it was like before that.  Even if I could that me, the pre kids me, was very different. 

So it is time to really start thinking about what I want to do when September comes.  It is also time to get out there with the girls and do some of the things I have been planning to do, but haven’t done before they start school, but that is a whole other post!

back to school

Being on time

Last term we were on time for school every day.  This is a first for us as we could, at least once a week, be found chasing in the lines after the bell had rung.  We need to keep up the good work of getting to school before the bell rings up.  The boys have been given an incentive of earning Lego (I know I will regret this type of parenting in the long run I am sure, but sorry not sorry).

I know that us being on time is as much about me being on my game as it is about the children behaving. This is a recent realization! Last term the couple of occasions where we were running were 100% caused by me not being organised.  I know I need to be up before the kids and when I am not all hell breaks loose. 

So that is my goal for this term;  sort my morning routine out.  I need to sort me out before I can get the kids straight.  Right now I am expecting them to stay on track whilst I don’t!

I am about to set up an Alexa routine on my Echo to keep me on track in the morning.  My theory is that music would be a great trigger for moving onto the next stage of the morning routine.  If I am honest I get distracted just as much as the children.  The plan is to get the kids involved in planning the soundtrack to our mornings.  If we pick lively fun tracks I think this might make the whole morning thing more fun too.  It is worth a try don’t you think?

Not long now

This back to school also starts that countdown to the long summer.  Now I do hate the wishing time away which the kids do constantly….  Mummy when is it Christmas?  How many days until my birthday?  You know the kind of thing.  I must admit though that when the summer term starts I immediately start thinking about our holiday.  I love going away as a family. It is a lot of work organising all the stuff for 6 people to go away for 3 weeks, but it is always worth it.

What are you looking forward to or dreading with this back to school?

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