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Beat That! A Fun Family Board Game

Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

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When I was a kid we would often spend Sunday afternoon playing family board games.  It was in the dark ages when kids TV wasn’t on 24/7 and is one of my fondest memories.  I still love a board game and now that my children are starting to get a bit older we have started to play family board games.  Let’s face it though not all family board games are fun for the grown ups so I was excited to try out Beat That!  which as soon as I saw it I knew that I would find it fun too. 

We were very kindly gifted Beat That!  to try with our family so read on to find out what we thought.  As ever all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Beat That! Family Board Games
Beat That! A family board game with a difference

What is Beat That! and how do you play?

Beat That is a family board game with a difference… well to start with there is no board!  This family party game is all about getting involved and having a go.  In the box you will find dice, counters, chopsticks, plastic cups and ping pong balls just to mention a few of the items.  You also get the challenge cards.  The idea of the game is that you bet on yourself.  So you choose your challenge and then decide how many counters you are willing to bet on yourself to win.  You play over 10 rounds and the winner is the one with the most counters. 

Beat That!  is for 2-8 players and takes around 40-90 minutes to play.

What did we like about this family game?

This game is a huge amount of fun.  It is active and engaging and there is nothing boring about it.  I also loved that it isn’t all about the individual as there are team challenges, games where you play head to head and challenges you all take on as well.  Beat That!  is fast paced and really different from your average family board games.  I haven’t played a game like this before it really is very different and a fab idea for a family party game.  We are going to use it for our Christmas family party game as we tend to play something after dinner and I can really see  that this game will give us loads of laughs and get everyone joining in.  

Who is the Beat That! game for?

The makers of the game have targeted ages 11+ with Beat That!, but they did say that 8 years old and up had been able to play and manage the challenges.  My eldest child is 8 years old so we thought we would give it a go and he was able to do most of the challenges.  In fact my 6 year old played too!!  I simply edited the challenges a bit and picked the ones that I knew they would be able to do.  I also gave them double the amount of time that I had to do each challenge.  They loved it and we were all cheering and roaring as we were trying to do the challenges. 

Some of the challenges are really wacky for example trying to pick up dice with plastic cups on your hands and transfer them from one place to another.  The game can be really funny as you feel silly with your plastic cup hands and yet you get really competitive. 

We had a great time playing and I know at Christmas the boys will join in with the grown ups as we play this game, but equally it isn’t targeted at their age group and I can see that as they get older they will enjoy even more as they will be able to do all of the challenges and really compete.  In the meantime there is still lots of fun to be had for us as a family playing this game and I can see that this game is great for developing their coordination skills and concentration.  It is all about fun, but if the boys want to practice and get some learning out of it too I won’t complain.

A Family Party Game Review
Fun, Fast pace family party game

Would I recommend Beat That!?

If you are looking for family board games, but want something active, exciting and just really fun this could be a great option for you.  I would recommend that this would be ideal for a family with older kids say from 9 upwards and as I mentioned the makers of the game say it is from 11+. 

I would absolutely recommend this game as a family game.  It is something really different that I genuinely think appeals to grown ups and children alike.  Honestly it would make a fab game to play with friends as adults just during game night, but equally kids will enjoy it too.  

Beat That!  has been designed by a husband and wife team so if you want to shop small and have fun then check it out.

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  1. That sounds great. I love board games, but my 8 year old is NOT good at being a ‘game player’. Which is hysterical for us, but ends up with one crying, one laughing, one shouting, and we never actually finish the game! lol

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