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Hello hello and welcome to this week’s #DreamTeam bloggers linky with regular hosts; Heather from Shank You Very Much and Annette from 3littlebuttons  and me as your guest host.  I am really looking forward to reading all your posts this week so get linking.

For most of us in the UK this is the last week of the summer holidays and despite having had a great summer I am getting to the point of feeling a bit:


and yet I know as soon as the boys go back to school and the girls start nursery you will find me in the corner like:



So this week I am sharing a post about the next phase of my parenting journey.  One day they will all be grown and so I need to carve out a new mummy role for me and so I am setting some goals for myself that are not to do with the little people, but just for me.

#DREAMTEAM Featured Bloggers

In this one Dynamic Dad describes his morning routine with a toddler and the trials and tribulations of getting them out of the house.  It is the sweetest post and it made me smile lots. I loved it!  The picture at the end is also beyond adorable.
This post made me giggle.  Dynamic Dad tells us about how he wanted the perfect trip with his daughter and it all went wrong.  There are some great fails here including melting a hole in a shoe (well the insole anyway).  It is also a great lesson for us all about the fact that kids don’t need us to be perfect they need us to be there. 
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