Kidlo Learning Apps for kids

Kidlo Learning Apps

Recently we were offered the chance to use and review three of the Kidlo Learning Apps for kids which are available for both Apple and Andriod phones.  I was immediately keen as although I accept that technology has a really important part to play in my children’s lives I am less than happy when they spend ages on kids you tube watching people open surprise eggs – how is this fun?  As it is the summer holidays I am being plagued more than usual for them to be allowed to use their iPods and I don’t think always just saying no is the answer.  They are growing up in a time when they need to be able to be good at using these things.  They even have ipads at school so there is no point in fighting against it, but I can at least make some of the usage educational for them.  So with that in mind we have been testing Kidlo Coding and Kidlo Maths and Kidloland

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We were contacted by the lovely peeps at Kidlo and offered a free subscription to these learning apps for kids in exchange for an honest review and so an honest review is what you will get!

Kidlo Coding

This has been the biggest hit with my boys who are 5 and 7 they just love it.  Now I am not gonna pretend to understand coding – I just don’t!  What I do know is that this app is full of different games for them to play all of which are setting the foundations for learning coding.  Through fun and interactive games, the boys have been learning basic programming with activities that teach sequencing, loops and functions.  They have over 50 games available and within them over 1000 levels to complete so there is plenty to keep them busy.

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We have been setting aside education time each in the holidays and this app has been perfect for that as they are still getting to use technology, but I know that they are getting an educational benefit too.  My 7 year old is particularly keen on this app and asks to use it each day.

Kidlo Maths

I think this app has a lot to offer and is targeted at both pre K and Kindergarten (for those in the UK this is aimed at 3-5 year olds).  My younger son is 5 and about to start year one.  Although when I looked at the app I thought there were definitely activities that would still be beneficial to his learning he wasn’t grabbed by it.   He is at the top end of the targeted group so I think he just found the games too easy.  My 3 year old twins on the other hand love it!  It is colourful and engaging with happy music and activities that easy for them to do.  They especially love the bursting balloons counting games.

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I think they will get a lot out of this app and there is so much scope for them to learn.  There are over 180 games that will teach them addition, subtraction, counting, shapes sorting and so much more.  I know we will get a lot of use out of this app and with all the fun characters and activities it is perfect for them.  I am not surprised that this app has won awards including the 2018 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award as I am finding it so useful in helping prepare them for starting nursery and school beyond.


This is great app to have on your phone for when you are perhaps trying to have a quiet coffee or just need the littles to be distracted for a minute whilst they are learning.  It has over 500 stories, sing-a-long rhymes and they use such great characters and ideas that my girls are transfixed!  They even have surprise eggs for the kids to crack open that conceal letters – for some reason little kids love an egg!  My girls could play that one for hours if I would let them.  So far they have been learning about colours, letters and fruits through using games such a jigsaws and story telling.  There is hand eye coordination involved, logical thought and they have fun.  I think there is lots of opportunity for them to learn and my twins have been fighting over whose turn it is to play so if that isn’t a sign of a good app I don’t know what is!


Personally I wholeheartedly recommend these apps as I do genuinely think that they are educational and it makes me feel just a bit easier about them playing on electronic devices and having screen time. I think I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to having the kids use tech, but with a husband in IT and a world that requires them to be able to use technology I know I am fighting a losing battle.  If they can learn whilst doing it then ok….  You can download them from the App Store on your Iphone or using the below link.  Please note this is an affiliate link:

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20 thoughts on “Kidlo Learning Apps for kids

  1. I love the idea of learning apps, I wish they had been around when mine were growing up #DreamTeam
  2. Kidlo is great, we used them when little man was younger. #dreamteam
  3. These look great. I love coding and so do CHILDREN! #dreamteam
  4. Coding is real big right now. I will have to check this out. #dreamteam
  5. This sounds really good, getting kids into maths and code is so important and getting them excited by it is such a battle #dreamteam
  6. these apps look really good - educational but fun too. my kids are a lot older now but wish we had some of these when they were younger #dreamteam
  7. I've noticed there are a lot of these types of apps at the moment so it's useful to hear your recommendation :-) #TriumphantTales
  8. I'm with you on the debate over too much screen time vs. living in a world full of technology. It's a hard balance to achieve isn't it. #dreamteam
  9. Okay, I'll admit I was thoroughly sceptical, especially given I've posted about Why screen time is bad parenting, however I'm definitely in favour of teaching coding and maths, so this gets a thumbs up from me!
    1. I totally struggle with screen time but this is definitely a happy medium. Thanks for being on the #DreamTeam
  10. I don't understand the obsession with watching people open surprise eggs either! This lloks like a good way for kids to have fun with technology whilst learning #dreamteam
    1. I definitely think it’s a great option. Thanks for being on the #DreamTeam
  11. OOoohhh Kidloland! I remember mine playing with this when she was 3. The maths area looks like a brilliant addition to the over app. And coding, well, they do it in school now, so having an app like this would be great prep. Thanks for being an awesome #dreamteam host xx
    1. I actually can’t do the coding one #DreamTeam
  12. These apps look awesome and I need to let my siblings know so they can check them out for their kids! #DreamTeam
  13. We Reviewed the kidloland app when BB was younger - she absolutely loved it & it was a real hit! #DreamTeam
    1. I am genuinely impressed with them #DreamTeam
  14. Thanks for the insightful article. I have two young girls and hopefully they enjoy your suggestions on apps. They love being on their tablet and doing some educational would be great.
    1. My pleasure thanks for your comment
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