#Blogtober18 late for Day One

So the first thing to say is that I am late with joining in…. This is just typical of me.  Life is very busy in our household and I have good intentions, but am easily distracted.  Anyway I am here now and will be joining in with #Blogtober18 for the rest of the month.


What is #Blogtober18?

So for those that haven’t heard of it before then Blogtober is a post per day for 31 days, there are a set of prompts that bloggers can choose to follow, or you can just post anything you choose.  It is a annual event set up by Mandi at Big Family Organised Chaos and gives bloggers a chance to share and read one anothers work.  Mandi has devised a list of topics that we can use and here they are:

  1. All About Me / A Year On (if you have already joined in last year)
  2. Boobs (breast cancer awareness month)#breastcancerawareness
  3. Couples #nationalboyfriendday
  4. Ditty #NationalPoetryDay
  5. Education #worldteachersday
  6. Forest Creatures #nationalbadgerday
  7. Gross Motor Skills #dyspraxiaawarenessweek
  8. Hearing Them Read #librariesweek
  9. Invitations/Letters #WorldPostDay
  10. Just Be Yourself #worldmentalhealthday
  11. Kickass Girls You Adore #internationaldayofthethegirl
  12. Loving these right now
  13. Movies you have watched a thousand times
  14. Never doing that Again!
  15. Ones who couldn’t stay #babylossawarenessweek
  16. Perfect recipes for you #nationalbakingweek
  17. Quick hide the wrappers #chocolateweek
  18. Respect Everyone #worldvaluesday #conflictresolutionday
  19. Style for Autumn and Winter
  20. Ten facts about you
  21. Unusual pets #reptileawarenessday
  22. Vindaloo or Korma? #nationalcurryweek
  23. Wishlist for the future
  24. Xrays and broken bones
  25. Years gone by #museumsatnight
  26. Zero Tolerance for
  27. Did you survive the October half term?!
  28. Arts and Crafts for Halloween or Bonfire night
  29. Have your started your Christmas shopping
  30. Favourite blogs you love
  31. Anything you like

Now I don’t necessarily plan to do everyone of these topics, but I think it will be great for me to at least try and do some of these so I am getting pushed a little bit.  That is one of the reasons that I am joining in with #Blogtober18 I want to have a challenge.  I am also doing it as this week my youngest children will start nursery and I will be home along during the day so I thought I had best keep myself busy!

Regular Readers

For those who are my regular readers and receive an email every time I post I hope you won’t mind me posting everyday.  I might get annoying, but do bare with me it will just be for October and then I will be back to my usual schedule.  The #DreamTeam linky will also continue to run during this period.  If you follow me on twitter you will also get to see some other bloggers who are using the #Blogtober18 so hopefully you find some new great reads too.

New visitors

For those who are visiting for the first time a big welcome and here is a bit about me.  My name is Kirsty and I have four little kids (7 and under), a long suffering husband, two cats and two fish.  The house is chaos and it is not even organised – it is just chaos.  My parenting style is about navigating through whatever is thrown at me and I have learnt a few bits along the way so I write the blog to share my ideas and the reality of navigating baby through to adulthood.



1 thought on “#Blogtober18 late for Day One”

  1. welcome to blogtober18, so glad you could join us, i am looking forward to reading more about you and your lovely chaotic family during the month x

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