Croup sucks!

I have written about Croup before and it’s back to bother us again. Croup Sucks! I just hate it as it is so frightening when they can’t catch their breath and it always comes at night like a stealth ninja to surprise and terrify small children. I jest but in our house this really is a serious issue as one of the twins has a narrowed airway after complications at birth so when she gets any cold or virus it always seems to cause breathing issues and, for her, Croup always seems to mean an ambulance trip. This time was especially bad and we were blue lighted to hospital to be met by a team of 11 doctors and nurses in the resuss area. I didn’t even realise how serious it was until I saw them all waiting. I thought I was going to be sick at that point and felt so panicked. I am always anxious but this is through the roof after that episode and I think it is going to take me a while to forget that image. She was so terrified as well it was just awful, but after huge amounts of steroid to reduce the swelling she is now on the mend and her sister now has it, albeit a more manageable version.

The littles are miserable and tired and grumpy, the husband feels neglected and I am emotionally and physically wrecked. Croup sucks! The

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