Fireworks Themed Craft

It’s coming up to Bonfire Night and we have been busy making fireworks themed craft. What a great excuse to get out the glitter and flouro paints!!

I don’t necessarily love standing in the cold going ‘ooh’ ‘ahh’ but I do think that there is something beautiful about fireworks and so we decided to recreate it on black card for our fireworks themed craft. Be warned this one can get messy so I suggest painting smocks and a wipeable table covering.

All you need is a piece of black card, paints, glitter and a straw. We used the straw to scoop up paint and then make blobs on the page. The kids then used the straws to blow the paint around the page and also to drag it around the page and create lines. Here comes the potentially messy bit… they also put paint on the end of the straw and gently flicked it at the page. This make a great effect but in the wrong hands could lead to much wall scrubbing!!! Finally we sprinkled glitter over the top et voila…

Anyway check out the results of our fireworks themed craft. I love the colours so much so I think we might do the same on some canvas and put them on the playroom wall for autumn.

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