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Fun Glue Gun Hacks – Guest post

If you are always on the hunt for fun ways to spend your weekend with the kids, one of the things you can think about doing is trying new crafts. Arts and crafts can be a fun way to spend the day with the kids and also a great way to spend a rainy day.  Here are some fun ideas and some practical hacks that you can try this weekend using a glue gun!  Remember glue guns get hot so these are very much parent led activities. 

Glue Gun Activities

  1. Make wax art 

It is easy to find glue guns in any arts and crafts store and this is why it can also be great for you to use them for your arts and crafts. A simple craft which is super easy to do is making wax art using coloured crayons in your glue gun instead of the stick. You can colour any paper with crayons and this will allow you to come up with some really amazing designs. 


  1. Wax seal it 

If you want to be a bit different this year and use your skills to make a birthday or Christmas card fancier, a great way to do this would be to use a wax seal. You can buy plain stamps online and use a craft knife to carve a pattern, then use a glue gun to melt a crayon onto the envelope before stamping with your design. It’s simple and incredibly effective. 

wax seal


  1. Plug bath toys

If you have real young children it is likely that they will have bath toys to help them enjoy their time in the tub. In order to make sure that your kids have the best time, bath toys also want to be kept clean and hygienic. To stop water getting into the toys and forming mould you can instead plug it up with a small blob of glue. 

glue gun hack

  1. Decorate a vase or jar 

If you have a plain vase or a jar which you want to use for a candle, one great idea would be to decorate it using a glue gun. You can take inspiration from henna designs and create a lovely pattern on the glass before painting the whole thing to create a textured effect which will look amazing on your coffee table. 


  1. Make a wand 

If you have kids who are sick of boring old pencils, you can use your wizarding skills to make them a wand out of an ordinary pencil this weekend. All you have to do is create a swirling pattern with glue around the pencil, let it dry, and then paint the whole thing brown and gold for a magical feel! 


  1. Makeup brush cleaner 

We all know that cleaning makeup brushes can be a pain and it is a job which a lot of us leave until the absolute last minute so we can avoid it. However cleaning your makeup brushes and getting into those middle bristles will be easier than ever with a DIY cleaner. For this you will need a piece of plastic such as a credit card or something similar, and you need to add blobs and stripes of glue into the surface to make it bumpy. Clean your makeup brushes with baby shampoo onto this surface to reach those nooks and crannies. 


  1. No more slipping hangers 

If you are sick of your clothes constantly slipping off your coat hangers, there is a super simple fix for this. All you need to do is use a few blobs of glue on each arm of the hanger and this will stop your clothes from slipping off and hey presto! 

Glue Gun Life Hacks

  1. Grip slippers

If you wear slippers around the house often and you always seem to slip when out in the garden, there is a simple fix for this. All you have to do in this instance is get yourself some glue from your glue gun and create a series of dots at the bottom of the slippers. This will give you a lot of grip on the ground and will make your life much easier! 


  1. Create coral for your living room 

If during the summer you are looking for a fun way to decorate the house this next tip is a great choice. You can create your own cute coral designs using a glue gun to form a 3D model, paint it and then display it in the house. It is a super simple and fun thing you do and you will gain some lovely colour from this in the home. 


  1. Colourful orbs 

If you enjoy the idea of filling a small bowl or vase with coloured orbs this year, a great way to do this is by using a glue gun. For this you will need a glue gun, balloons and some paint. Fill a small balloon with glue and then seal it shut and leave it to dry. Remove the balloon from the glue and then paint it to make some cute decorations for the home.


  1. Personal baubles 

To make your Christmas tree look even more amazing this year you can take a plain bauble and vamp it up with a textured design. For example you could create a swirling pattern and paint over it with metallic paint, you could create antlers for a forest theme, and many more. Be creative and see what you can come up with! 


  1. No sew teepee 

If you are looking for something which can lighten up the garden and make a summer party the best it can be this year, a no sew teepee is the way to go. This amazing craft will allow you to enjoy a fun summer get together outside with your friends and family in no time. Instead of sewing material together to make a teepee simply use glue instead for a quicker craft! It will wow all of your party guests and you’ll be able to spend hours out in the sun this weekend. 

Guest Post written by Hannah Ferdinand 

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