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Sisterly Bonding: A Night Out in London Bridge

One thing that has changed since I had my children is the amount of times that I can go out.  I am of course not unique in this.  It is not something I really miss that much.  Staying out late definitely loses its appeal once there are little people hollering ‘Mummy Mummy’ at 6am, but if there is one person who can convince me it is my sister.  As soon as I am out with my sister I go back in time and always have an extra drink or two.  We don’t get to go out much these days just the two of us so when I was asked if I wanted to explore London Bridge I immediately thought I would invite her to join me.  This post is a collaboration and the spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own.  

a night out in London bridge

London Bridge

The other thing about having children, at least for me, is that it has made my world smaller.  I used to go much further afield and so now have perhaps lost touch with the city I love.  Another great reason to explore London Bridge.  I have lived in London all my life and have lived only 30 minutes from London Bridge for over 10 years, but I don’t think I have ever been out there in the evening.  It was like being in a completely new part of London.  The first thing I noticed about the area is that it has really changed since I had been there perhaps 3 years before.  Everywhere I looked the area seems to have been revamped a bit, but hasn’t lost any of its character or charm.  Location wise it would make a great place to base yourself for a visit to London as it is so central and there are lots of Hotels in London Bridge from budget options to the very high end Shangri La at the Shard.

London bridge

The Shard

This iconic building dominates the skyline at London Bridge these days and has bars and restaurants within it.  We did consider heading to one of the bars for a drink, but in the end we decided to see if we could some less well known places to enjoy when in London Bridge.  Not least because I can actually see the Shard from my dressing room (in the distance) and so I look at it everyday.

The shard a night out in london bridge

Borough Market

We started off in the famous Borough Market which is reputed to the UKs oldest food market.  The stalls themselves were already closed by early evening, but having spent many pre child Saturday wandering around and sampling all of the fab food on offer I can totally recommend spending a day there. 

Borough Market

What was new to me was the amount of restaurants and bars that are now there.  The whole area has a real buzz about it in the evening.  There is a mix of city workers and the ‘cooler’ Bermondsey crowd sprinkled with tourists from all over the world.  We were spoilt for choice with places to eat. After a wander around we decided to eat at Brindisa; a Tapas restaurant. The food was fab.  We also tried a new drink (well new to us)  a Cava Sangria and that was delicious!!

a night out in London Bridge

Southwark Cathedral

After dinner we decided that a walk was in order. So we wandered through the market just taking in the lovely atmosphere and taking notes of places we might like to try next time we came to the London Bridge area.  This ultimately led us to be in front of Southwark Cathedral which looked stunning as the sun was going down. 

southwark cathedral

I have walked past this a million times, but it is funny how you can ignore things when rushing to or from work.  It was a real treat to be actively looking and really seeing the beauty in the city.  Right in front of the church was the cutest little bar and restaurant Boro Bistro. 

Boro Bistro

It would make the nicest place for a date night as it is really pretty with lots of flowers and planting.  As it is nestled between the foot of London Bridge and the Cathedral it doesn’t feel like you are in this really busy part of London at all.  This was also a great bar to have a chat as it wasn’t super noisy.  It closes at 11pm though so not the place for a big night…  This place has a really elecltic style and feesl really relaxed.  Even the corridor to the toilets continues the slight quirkyness!

Untitled design 14

Final stop

So there we were at 11pm with a decision to make…  Should we call it a night or keep exploring London Bridge.  We hadn’t even walked by the river at this point so we decided to carry on, but I must admit we didn’t get far…  We headed up onto London Bridge and it was its usual hectic self.  Full of people enjoying a Friday night in the city or heading home.  Our walk took us onto the bridge to have a look at the view.  We got distracted by the Shard and how it fab it looked when viewed back towards London Bridge. 

London Bridge the shard

Then we were distracted again by the possibility of an Espresso Martini at Grind.  I did have a look online before we headed out to see what London Bridge had to offer and this bar caught my eye.  During the day it is all smoothies and coffees and then at night it transforms into a cocktail bar.  The cocktails still use the lovely coffee that they serve during the day and I loved that concept.  


So that was it our final stop…  After a really fun night out in London Bridge it was time to head home.  Being with my sister always lets me just be me.  Sometimes when you are a mummy it takes you over and you forget who you were before.  When I am with my sister I always remember the girl I once was and I always have fun.  My sister is the person in my life who doesn’t ever take my shit.  She calls me out on stuff.  I might not always love that even when she is right, but I wouldn’t change it.  She also has a way of getting me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do.  I am not blaming the staying out late or having that ‘one for the road’ on her as my arm did not need to be twisted!  She did however, convince me to go on a night bus which is very much against my religion.

on the bus

London Bridge the area

My impression of London Bridge is that it is great place to go out in London.  There is a fab buzz around it and so many lovely restaurants that you will be spoilt for choice.  It is also just a hop skip and a jump from some of the major London tourist sites such as the Tower of London.  If you go no where else in London Bridge then Borough Market is a must.

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28 thoughts on “Sisterly Bonding: A Night Out in London Bridge”

  1. Sounds wonderful. Borough market is a great place. So much good food. I love meeting up with my sister too. We have a lot of fun when we do.


  2. Amazing you can be in a place and not know it as well as you should, or maybe take it for granted … it was good to explore the treasures on your doorstep – and with the best companion!

    1. I definitely think it is taking it for granted. Living in a big city there is so much literally on the doorstep that it is easy to forget that there is so much more available. When you see these famous landmarks that people travel for thousands of miles to see everyday it is way too easy to become blind. After this night out I want to try to do more of this. Pick a part of London and just explore! #DreamTeam

  3. Wow, seems like it was a lot of fun. I have walked passed all these places but never really spent any time exploring. Will do next time I am in London. Thanks for the tips!

    1. It really was. We must really make time to do more of that and visit other parts of London too instead of just our little corner of the city. #DreamTeam

    1. So true! I think when you live in a big city with so much on your doorstep it is even easier to get stuck in a rut and only go to the place round the corner. Spoiled for choice! #DreamTeam

  4. I never would have thought to go to London Bridge for a night out. I live in Devon now but I used to live in London. If I do get to go out in London without kids I will definitely check out London Bridge. Those quirky little Bistros look fab. That is what I love about London. #DreamTeam

    1. I think it has changed a bit as Borough was done up as I am sure when I was working in the City this was never a place to go out and really it is only a few mins from the square mile. #DreamTeam

  5. What utterly beautiful sisters! Good to get out and be you a bit after children although so hard to manage. I am only just getting my social mojo back and my oldest leaves home next week. Looks like such a fun night and one day having never met my sisters, I hope to have a night just like this with them #DreamTeam

  6. Sounds amazing! I only get to London once in a blue moon, despite having loads of friends there. Definitely second Borough Market as a must visit, I’m a foodie and I love wandering around, salivating, taking hundreds of pictures of tomatoes and then sitting by the edge having a glass of prosecco and a sneaky people watch. Could do it all day.

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