How do you know you are done with having babies?

Done with having babies

Despite how it may seem, since I have four of the little darlings, having babies was no walk in the park for me.  Something that I thought would just be what happened after we got married ended up being a bit of a mission (that is a whole other post which I am sure I will write one day) so once the babies started coming I didn’t want that to end, but end it has.  I knew I was done with having babies once my twins were here, but what are the signs?  How do you know you are done with having babies?

  1. You look at pregnant women and think ‘thank god that isn’t me’ instead of feeling longing and maybe a twinge of jealousy
  2. You want to throw a party every time a milestone is reached;  yippee no more high chairs, woo hoo done with nappies – you get the idea
  3. You can no longer see your family including anyone else
  4. If you think of having another a child you just feel overwhelming panic and there is no pang of loss that there won’t be anymore littles
  5. As soon as they grow out of clothing you wildly give it away to the nearest pregnant woman (whether you know her or not)
  6. You start to think about your life without babies and whilst that breaks your heart a little bit it is also very very exciting
  7. They all sleep through the night and the thought of anyone messing with your sleep again makes you feel ever so slightly murderous
  8. You go back to pre- baby making state where you look at newborns, say all the right things, but really think they all look a bit like aliens
  9. You delight in handing back newborns to their parents as soon as there is any hint of a cry or whiff of something untoward
  10. Your house looks less like a branch of mothercare and more like a home (albeit one covered in kids drawings, craft creations and sticky finger marks.

Be warned if you don’t feel these things there might still be another baby in your future.  My future….. well that is four kids at school, a more relaxed me and a perpetually noisy and messy house.  One thing I know for certain is I am done with having babies.

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4 thoughts on “How do you know you are done with having babies?”

  1. I think my head is done with having babies but my womb is not as i am a weird mix of the above! thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub – sounds like you are well and truly done with having babies lol! xox

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