The day we met peppa pig

The Day we met Peppa Pig Live

They say never to meet your heroes as it will be disappointing, but not so when we met Peppa Pig.  Not so long ago I entered a competition to win tickets to see Peppa Pigs’s Adventure at Richmond Theatre and excitingly we won!!

When I told the girls that we were going they were beyond excited, but there was more excitement to come as on the day of the show we were contacted by the promoters to say that the Director of the theatre company had arranged a small meet and greet session at the end of the performance and wanted to extend the invitation to us.  OMG!!  They were going to get to meet their idol… 

They love Peppa Pig with a passion that I never saw from the boys even about their most favourite characters.  They didn’t hero worship even Kwazi as much as the girls do Peppa Pig and that is saying something….  Peppa pig

Anyway off we trooped one Wednesday afternoon to Richmond to see the show with two very excited little 3 year olds.  They haven’t been to a proper theatre sit down show before so the whole thing was completely new for them and to say that they loved it would be an understatement. 

They were mesmerised and for the first 15 mins couldn’t even respond they were both just staring in awe at the stage.  After that they loosened up and were shouting out and joining in.  At the interval one of the twins was in floods of tears as Peppa was gone.  She wouldn’t even be placated by chocolate ice cream.

The show itself was great.  It was brightly coloured and so cleverly done with the puppets.  After a few minutes you even forgot the puppet operators were there and I mean that as a complement to their skill.  There was singing and dancing and of course the obligatory jumping up and down in muddle puddles which was accompanied by a surprise which I won’t share as I would hate to ruin it.  The enthusiasm of the cast especially ‘Daisy’ was second to none and even I almost believed it was all real!

Then the time came for the girls to meet Peppa and Daisy along with all the other puppets and they were just thrilled.  Their little faces when the puppets came back out on stage were priceless.  They were jumping up and down and I was so excited for them.  The next day all they did was talk about Daisy and a few weeks later one of the girls is still singing the songs that she only heard once in that show which I think goes to show how catchy they were and how enthralled she was.


So thank you Tayla at Motherhood the Real Deal for arranging the competition and thanks to the cast of Peppa Pig’s Adventure for putting on such a good show.  The show is on tour until November this year so head over to their website to get all the details.

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