mia and me the hero of centopia

Mia and Me the Hero of Centopia

Recently the girls and I were offered the chance to preview Mia and Me the hero of Centopia so if you have been wondering when the next installment of Mia and Me was coming then look no further;  the Mia and Me Movie is here and we are going to tell what we thought of it.


Is there going to be a Mia and Me Movie?

Well that was the question that my girls have been asking since they finished watching series 3 of Mia and Me.  They loved this magical show on netflix and these days they expect a movie to be made of all the series that they like since it so often happens.  They were thrilled when I not only told them that there was going to be a Mia and Me Movie, but that they were going to get to watch it before everyone else. So let's get into what they thought and whether Mia and Me the hero of Centopia lived up to their expectations.

What is Mia and Me all about?

If your kids haven't seen the Mia and Me series let me tell you what it is all about...

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Mia from Mia and Me is a young girl who has lost her parents in a car accident.  She lives with her grandfather and her parents left her with a secret.  She has a magical book and a bracelet that means she can transform into a purple haired elf and enter the extraordinary world of Centopia where elves and unicorns live and become her friends.

It is a combination of live film (human world) and animation (Centopia).  It has been a favourite here for a long time and both the boys and the girls have enjoyed it.  If your kids haven't seen the series it doesn't matter as the Mia and Me movie; Mia and Me the Hero of Centopia is a complete stand along story so you don't need to have seen the series to enjoy it with your children.

Mia and Me the Hero of Centopia Movie

In this movie Mia discovers her magic stone is caught up in an ancient prophecy and she heads off on an exciting journey to the farthest away islands of Centopia. These islands are all new to Mia, but she still meets up with her usual friends including, my girls favourite, the unicorn Onchao.  She also connects with a whole host of new characters including Iko a boy elf from Lotus Island, whilst she stands up to the evil Tuxor and fulfills her destiny.


When you watch Mia and Me the Hero of Centopia expect colourful animation and adventure as Mia and her friends try to solve the oracle and defeat Tuxor so that he can't stop all the magical creatures in Centopia from flying.

Mia and Me Hero of Centopia stills from movie

The Mia and Me movie is aimed at a young audience so the adventure and struggle between good and evil is tame.  The characters are all brightly coloured and the whole world is full of beauty and magic.  Even the baddies are colourful and don't seem in the least bit scary so it is very feel good. 

The overarching theme is good triumphing over evil and that if you work together as a team you can achieve anything. 

My 7 year old twins were enthralled from start to finish.  They loved all the characters and just the fantastical world of Centopia with its floating atols, rainbow freeways and hilarious characters like the super grumpy and needy unicorn.

Rainbocorns Puppycorn

Check out the trailer:

Mia and Me: The Hero of Centopia Trailer 2022

Mia and Me: The Hero of Centopia is not your huge budget Hollywood studios animation.  It has a more traditional style of animation which I have to say I loved. This movie is about suspending your disbelief and heading into the magical and gorgeous world of Centopia.  In the current stressful times we live in we all need a bit of escape so I would definitely recommend this film for some half term down time.

Where can I watch the new Mia and Me movie?

Mia and Me the hero of Centopia can be watched via rental or purchase on Apple I tunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, You Tube, Vudu and Redbox in the US and in the UK you can see it at all major cinema chains so it is the perfect half term activity.

What day is the Mia and Me Movie coming out?

The good news is that Mia and Me The Hero of Centopia is released on 21st October 2022 so you can see it now!

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