5 easy ways to up your mum style

As a mum do you ever feel like you have lost your style mojo?  I know I started to feel almost invisible when my eldest was born and like I know had to dress like a mum...  But what does mum style even mean?  

School run mum style advice

If you ever feel like this or just feel like you don't have time for mum style or messing around with clothes when you have little people to look after then this is the post for you.  I have four little kids and I like to look nice.  It makes me feel better about me to have spent a minute on myself and yet I barely that have that minute so these are my top 5 easy ways to up your mum style whilst still staying practical and being able to run around after those kids.

How do I become a stylish mum?

Let me say that style is subjective and if you are super comfortable, happy and feeling great in your trackie bottoms and a sweatshirt then that's your mum style - your style the end!  I am not here trying to tell anyone how to become a stylish mum as everyone has their own style.  I am overdressed for life and that is my style...  whether that is stylish or not is no ones business, but mine.  So this post isn't about telling you what to wear or how to wear it, but it is about giving you some quick ideas for ramping up your style whatever that is and ladies you only need to do anything about anything if it makes you feel better about you.  

The 5 easiest ways to up your mum style

Ok so lets get into it... these are 5 easy ways to up your mum style

1) Accessories

Adding an accessory or ten is possibly the easiest way to give your outfit a little bit of something don't you think?  

Adding a ring, earrings, a necklace or even a scarf can make such a difference to an outfit and literally takes seconds to throw on.  It might be shallow of me, but I think taking the time (albeit moments) to think about what might look nice with your outfit is the perfect moment of self care especially when you are a busy mum who has very limited time to think about herself.

Even when you are in your most laid back clothes and on that school run adding a necklace or stacking a few can be a perfect way to show a bit of your style and a little bit of you that is there under the practical mum.  I do love a necklace especially of the stacked variety, but when you have very little kids they can be super impractical and so can earrings as you invariably end up with small child attempting to dangle from said accessory so my favourite option is a gorgeous ring.

Elevate your mum style

Recently I was introduced to Daisy London and being a Londoner myself I was instantly drawn to them, but then I saw the rings and I was 100% hooked!  All of their rings are really quite simple and yet totally statement pieces.  There is even one of the female form called the Maia ring which I was very tempted by as it was super fun, but the ones I ended up choosing are the Stacked Beaded Band Ring and the Beloved Bold Pink Opal Band Ring 

daisy london rings

Just putting on one of these beautiful rings makes me feel like I have have made an effort and so give me a boost, but they aren't showy so are just perfect for everyday wear.  The Pink Opal ring just goes with everything as it is so subtle, but just gorgeous.

Perhaps the most perfect of the rings that I received was the Howlite Healing Stone Ring as Howlite is said to create a sense of calm and absorb feelings of anger, strain or stress - show me a mum who doesn't need this on a daily basis.  I virtually need to wrapped in howlite at this stage especially on the school run so I am thinking that this ring (which can be stacked with many of the other healing stone rings) should be as much part of the school run mum style uniform as the striped breton? 

2) Get those curling tongs out

I can hear you saying 'you said easy ways', but honestly this is easy.  Stay with me! This is the quickest and easiest way to transform your hair if you are going out.  I mean I don't know about you, but I have about 2 minutes to get ready whenever I am leaving the house and my hair invariably looks a shambles or at least it did before I discovered this quick trick...

So all you need to do is put your hair up in a ponytail and then take your curling tong and curl the pony tail in maybe three or four sections depending on how thick your hair is.  Once that is done which takes about 5 mins take down the pony tail give it a shake and maybe a spritz of volume and texture spray (I like this one) et voila... You get texture all over and a wave.  Honestly it takes 5 minutes and makes me feel and look like I have made a real effort.

3) Joggers are the answer

Everyone, never mind, every mum needs a great pair of joggers, but how about a pair that you can wear everywhere?  I adore a faux leather jogger.  What is not to love about a pair of trousers that feel like you are in your comfies, but look like you are ready to go out and better still you actually can go out in them.  I have worn mine with heels and a cami and gone out for dinner and then just with a sweatshirt and trainers for the school run.  Honestly my mum style is all about does it feel like PJs, but look like a ball gown?  Then I am in!!

4) Grab that colour

I am told by those way more into fashion than I am that a key trend for fall 2022 is a colourful sweater and what better to brighten your look and boost your mood on these darker fall days than a little bit of colour.  This is a super way to give any outfit a boost and by going with the colours that all the influencers are suggesting such as Pink, Lavender or Blue you will be right on trend too.  

Such a simple way to update your wardrobe and mum style this season and get your school run mum style up there for 2022.

mum style sweaters

5) Trainers are your best friend

Once upon a time the only time I wore trainers was when I was working out, but no more!  Now they are my mum style go to and I am sticking to them.  If you haven't discovered the joy that is wearing trainers pretty much everyday then I recommend you try it!

What could be better for running around after children than a trainer and it doesn't have to be something boring that looks like it belongs at the gym.  There are a myriad of options to chose from.  Personally I don't like to spend a fortune on them and so Next is my go to brand for a comfie, but cute and typically sparkly or patterned trainer.  That is what I like about them from the point of view of increasing my feeling of having made an effort and feeling like me - I can express my style through the trainers and still just chuck on a super comfy dress or my joggers.  

My top tip on this one is if you have feet that are on the smaller side - no bigger than a 39 EUR, 6 UK then always check out the kids section as they are cheaper and quite often more fun!!

What is your favourite way of making you feel more like you and less like 'just mum'?

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