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My first #Blogtober18 is over

It’s official #blogtober18 is over and I failed! I managed around 25 days I think but the combination of a cold virus battering the family and my CV writing  business (#ad) CV Righter being super busy meant that something had to give and that something had to unfortunately be the blog. Still I am not deterred and will still do some of the posts I missed as I had worked out ideas and of course I won’t beat myself up about it after all this is supposed to be fun.


How was it?

This was my first #blogtober and before I fell off the daily writing wagon I was actually really enjoying it. I liked having topics that I tried to stick to and come up with ideas for.  It was sometimes challenging to do and it pushed me to write about things differently or perhaps write about stuff I would never have considered sharing.  I was most pleased with my post about being a NICU Mummy and the lasting effect that this had on me.  I even wrote a poem; the second one I have written and I must admit I quite like a bit of a ditty so I might do some more. I did find it quite hectic to post everyday and I was a bit concerned that I might be irritating my readers; sorry if I was!!

I also liked interacting with the others involved in #blogtober and sharing their posts. I read some real crackers and so I thought I would include some links to some of my favourites:




Blogtober is over

Final verdict

I enjoyed #blogtober and being part of a group activity. It can be a bit lonely working from home just writing so it is fun to have more interaction. I am disappointed that I couldn’t quite finish it, but I am glad I tried and there is always next year! Thanks to Mandi at Big Family Organised Chaos. for taking the time to organise it and to all those who liked, commented on and shared my posts.   If you were considering joining in next year I would say definitely do it, but be a bit more organised than I was.  Next year I will be planning in advance and pre writing a few posts which I could use in case of being unable to do the given topic.  So same time next year?

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