Over organised

So it turns out you can be over organised… Yesterday I finished buying the kids Christmas presents and was, I’m not going to lie, feeling it just a little bit smug. I mean I have a spreadsheet for crying out loud how could I not be smug!? Anyway whilst sitting and contemplating my super organised self and giving myself a mental pack on the back, there was a knock at the door. It was UPS delivering a very large box and as soon as I saw it was from Germany I remembered a distant order of playmobil…. A distant order that was made before the spreadsheet. A distant order that contained at least two items I had ordered from Amazon that very morning and the rest of which was items I had since decided not to buy. Balls!!! What a dick! I was so busy celebrating my success I forgot what I had already done so it looks like being too organised has made me over spend and end up with extras. The morale of this story is certainly don’t bother with the spreadsheet as it is only as good as the person who prepared it and if that’s me then you are surely over organised and about to come unstuck. Right off to start the returns process – BALLS 🏀

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