the morning after the night before

The morning after the night before

I am sitting in my local café writing a graduate’s CV and overhearing a group of 20 somethings recount the night before. During the morning after the night before they are attempting to eat a big breakfast whilst intermittently complaining that they can’t eat, feel sick and can’t face the day. They all have a nightmare tale of the night before and are clearly all suffering with the fear that has no doubt overtaken us all at some point the morning after the night before and sometimes for days afterwards.

These days my morning after the night before would involve reflecting on being up and down all night with a little girl really suffering with chicken pox and still needing to be at mass by 8:30am and working shortly afterwards (yes I know contradiction is apparent going to church and then working on the Sabbath, but needs must). On mornings like this I might ordinarily hanker after my 20 something life where I would have been out enjoying myself and having a fab time, but the conversation next to me has reminded me that it is not all roses and that whilst I am glad I totally did the whole going out thing I am also actually glad that bit of my life is over! I don’t actually miss it much at all… Sure I would love to be able to go out and be myself a bit more than I can and I certainly do sometimes feel like the person that I was has been swallowed up by 4 little kids, but I do love that with age comes the benefit of experience.  I know now that even just a bit of restraint makes everything better the next day and I love that I don’t just miss the days recovering as instead I am up early and can make the most of each day.  I must add at this point that I do not enjoy the fact that the children think the day should start at 6am or sometimes even earlier.  This type of unnecessary early start makes you feel like you have a hangover!!

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Anti drinking effect

Children do create an anti drinking effect.  There has been lost of debate in the media recently about whether drinking in front of children is ok or not, but whether you do this or not they still have a tempering effect on alcohol consumption.  I just find that with kids comes a decreased desire to get bladdered.  I mean who wants to be in the position of having a hangover when little kids are there opening your eyes for you at 6am? It is just a revolting experience having someone bleating mama at you when your head feels like it might explode at any minute. I can’t tell you how much more painful the theme tune of Peppa Pig becomes on a couple of bottles of prosecco, but on half a bottle it remains manageable. Now I am not virtuous angel who never takes a drink and if the suns shines I can often be found with a glass of prosecco in hand, but I just want to still enjoy the morning after the night before and not have the fear!!

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