Fathers Day

My top 10 best bits of daddyhood

My top 10 best bits of daddyhood are made of the things that keep me going even when I am tired and have been woken up at the crack of dawn again. Being a daddy is often challenging and hard work, but it is also fabulous and the best decision we ever made.  I wasn’t sure about having children originally so I thought I would share my top 10 best bits of daddyhood in case any of you were perhaps not sure.  I like to be realistic so I don’t want to pretend that everything is always perfect when you have little people so I have also written a post about the 10 worst bits of daddyhood.  So here goes…

My top 10 best bits of daddyhood:

  1. Excited faces greeting you when you get home from work
  2. Having an excuse to play with all the great toys that didn’t exist when you were a kid
  3. Hours spent in hamelys and toys ‘r’ us playing under the guise of looking for stuff for the kids
  4. Family nap time at the weekend
  5. Running around soft play centres and going on slides without people thinking you are mad
  6. Hearing I love you daddy and you are the best daddy especially for the first time
  7. Taking them to see new things and seeing the amazement/ joy on their faces
  8. Teaching them something new and seeing them achieve something that they couldn’t do the week before
  9. Always being kept entertained by the things they say and do
  10. Watching cartoons and the classic kids movies all over again


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