My 10 worst bits of daddyhood

Being a daddy is great most of the time, but as with everything there are some things that we could live without so this is a post about my 10 worst bits of daddyhood.  Ultimately I would never want to change any of it as my boys mean the world to me, but I like to be real and honest on this blog and give the truth not just the pretty bits.  I have also written a post about the 10 best bits so don’t let this put you off; the good certainly outweighs any bad (My Top 10 best bits of daddyhood)

So here are my 10 worst bits of daddyhood:

  1. The lack of weekend lie ins
  2. Being the one who discovers a poo in a nappy and so has to change it
  3. A lack of sleep creating a very cross wife
  4. Not having as much time to spend together as a couple
  5. Always having jobs to do so having less down time
  6. Diffusing toddler tantrums
  7. No longer being at the top of the list for cuddles (at least from the wife)
  8. Dealing with tired and grumpy toddlers
  9. Seeing your child injured or upset
  10. Financial pressures of raising a family
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