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Unique Jord Wood Watches – The Ultimate Accessory?

Jord Wood Watches Review and $100 Giveaway

I am a bit in love with the Jord Wood Watch that I was recently sent by Jord in exchange for an honest review and a fab giveaway for you. (THIS PRODUCT WAS GIFTED THE OPINIONS ARE MY OWN) I am wondering if it might be the ultimate accessory for any busy mummy who still wants to look her best whilst running around after little people.  Keep reading to find out why I love it so much, see how I am wearing it and get a chance to win $100 to purchase your very own Jord wood watch.

Jord Wood Watch

Mummy Style

Over the past year or so I have started to feel like I have got my style back.  My kids are getting older;  I am getting more sleep and so I have more bandwidth to think about what I actually look like.  The oversized (not in a fashion statement way) sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms have been replaced with skirts, shirts and more stylish jeans and tops.  I realised I am 10 years older than when I started having kids and so have totally revamped my style to what suits my post baby body and a slightly older me.  These days I am going for stylish, a bit funky and yet practical, but I have struggled to find a watch that goes with my new mummy style; until now.  My new Jord watch (Frankie in Dark Sandalwood and Smoke) is exactly what I have been looking for.  It is gorgeous, but still practical and is the perfect accessory for this busy and (hopefully a bit) stylish mummy.

Copy of Jord Watch Evening

Jord Wood Watches are for everyday and special days

As a mummy of four and work from home mum I don’t have much time to get myself ready in the mornings or at any time really.  I like to make an effort and I enjoy putting together great outfits.  It makes me feel more like just me and less like just mummy.  That feeling is important to me as for many years ‘I’ was lost in mummy.  So it can be frustrating when I want to look good, but don’t have the time to mess around choosing the right accessories.  I mean I don’t know any mummies who have time for that in the morning.  We are all too busy saying ‘ please put your shoes on 300 times’  right?  This is why I love love love my Jord Wood Watch as not only does it go with everything as the natural wood means it is fairly neutral from a colour perspective, but it is also a real statement piece.   On the school run it is perfect with my standard pleated skirt, t shirt or sweatshirt combo

Jord Watch Daytime


But it also looks great on an evening out where at least one person is bound to ask me ‘ Is that made of wood?  or comment that they love my watch.  

Jord wood watch

Jord Watches are practical as well as gorgeous

When you are a parent it is just no good have delicate items that you are afraid will break every time a child touches it so the idea of a wood watch really appealed to me.  I always think of wood as being a strong material that can take the odd knock or withstand my crazy kids.  I love that it has a big face.  It feels a bit more funky than a delicate dress watch.  My Jord wood watch is stunning, there is no doubt about that, but it is also sturdy enough to be worn on the school run, at work or even working out.  It takes me from day to evening and covers me for all that life throws at me in between.

Jord watches at work


I have partnered with Jord to bring you a chance to win $100 to buy your own fabulous Jord wood watch.  Details are below:

  • It is free to enter just click here:   WIN $100 JORD WATCH CREDIT
  • The giveaway is open worldwide
  • The closing date for all entries is May 19, 2019 at 11:59pm 
  • One winner will be selected at random after the closing date and will receive a $100 credit voucher code for use on Jord Watch website
  • All other entrants will receive a 10% discount code
  • This giveaway is adminstered and run by Jord Watches
  • Jord will contact the winner directly via the email address provided at entry

Jord Frankie Watch

Jord Watches personal service

Your Jord wooden watch can be sized for you prior to dispatch so personalised for you!  You simply choose the custom sizing link within the series options section and provide your wrist measurements.  There is measurement guidance and it is simple to get right.  I followed the instructions and my watch fits perfectly.  Your watch will also arrive with additional pieces for the strap.  As well as a cleaning cloth and a natural finishing oil to keep the stunning wood in peak condition.

Jord Men’s Watches

Check out JORD’s collection of men’s watches I am thinking one of these would make a perfect Father’s day gift. for my husband.  These watches and Apple bands are super unique and come in so many styles!  They look great, but are also keepsake timepieces at affordable prices!   Personalized engraving is available on watches as well as cedar humidor boxes.   The huge selection and ability to personalize makes JORD a great place to look for gifts! 

Check out my favorites:

Meridian Argent:

Jord Mens Watch

Conway Kosso & Blue:

Conway cosso and blue


Apple Band Black Lima (coming soon!):

Jord Wooden Apple Band


Jord Watches are made from natural wood and each one is unique

As if all of the above wasn’t enough did you know that each beautiful Jord watch timepiece is unique?  They are crafted from natural wood.  Mine is from the Frankie series and is made from Dark Sandalwood with a smoke face.   No two pieces of wood are exactly the same and so my watch is not the same as anyone else.  If you want it to be even more unique you can even have them engraved.

Final Thoughts

I love this watch and am thrilled to be working with Jord.  There are so many lovely styles it was hard to choose.  I chose the Frankie mostly because it has a large face and a slightly chunky feel. I was also drawn to the combination of the dark sandalwood with the smoky face and almost dusky gold digits.  To me it is the perfect combination of masculine and feminine.  For me it is the ultimate accessory…  Which Jord wood watch would you choose I wonder?  

Wooden Wrist Watch


27 thoughts on “Unique Jord Wood Watches – The Ultimate Accessory?”

  1. I have had an obsession with watches for many years. I used to work in a jewellers and would buy myself a new watch every month. These Jord watches are absolutely stunning. I love that each one is unique. I love to wear watches that no one else has. #Dreamteam

    1. I always forget to put on my watch so I am loving that this is big as I am really noticing when I don’t have it on and so I remember it! #DreamTeam

  2. It’s great to see more and more items being produced with sustainable material – proof that there are alternatives. We need more of this! #dreamteam

  3. I could probably do with a new watch now that you put the thought into my head Kirsty!They look very nice. It’s actually the type of style that my husband would be into. I suppose Father’s Day is just around the corner! #dreamteam

    1. There are some really nice mens watches on their site. There is still time to enter as the giveaway closes on Sunday #DreamTeam

  4. Ooohhh that really suits you! I’ve seen Jord watches popping up a lot over the last few years. They do look very stylish and a bit of a conversation starter as they are so unusual. I do love that big watch face – great for reading the time at a glimpse.#dreamteam xx

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