Stationery – A Love Affair…

I love a bit of stationery.  I don’t know what it is about stationery that pleases me so much and makes me want to start hoarding.  Perhaps it is that it is always so pretty or the array of colours on offer.  Who knows, but I love it!  Honestly show me a sparkly pen or a beautifully designed notebook and I am like Gollum.    Piece of advice; if you are ever meeting me and you are running late you will find me pottering around a stationery shop planning on spending a fortune. So, when Stabilo asked if I wanted to celebrate National Stationery Week with them, I was all in… 


Rainbow coloured Stabilo Power pens


Stationery Obsession

When I was a child, I not only collected fancy paper, but I also almost compulsively kept nice pens and didn’t write in pretty notebooks as I wanted to keep them perfect.  I actually used to look forward to going into the office with my dad as it meant a stationery cupboard raid – middle class theft at its finest!  These days I do actually use the stationery and don’t just admire it, but I simply cannot throw any of it away.  I no longer work in an office, but I have an extensive collection of highlighter pens and those colourful little tabs for marking your documents up – what am I going to do with them who knows!!

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Putting Pen to Paper

I still like to write things down so I go through notebooks like they are going out of fashion.  I write all of my blog posts in my notebook with an old-fashioned paper and pen.  It takes me longer as I still have to then type it up, but that is like the proofing stage and I just prefer the process.  I like a nice pen.  I never have a pen at my disposal these days though as the kids just help themselves to everyone I have so when Stabilo sent me these lovely pens I decided not to share them with the kids. These are now my pens for writing my blog posts and they are great.  They write really smoothly so are easy to use, but are also awesome colours so that is cheering up the working day no end.  They are in fact intended for drawing or writing and I can’t draw for toffee so writing it is!

Stabilo Fineliners

Stabilo Power Felt Tips

Stabilo also sent us some felt tip pens in the most gorgeous array of colours.   These are the Stabilo power and my girls were super thrilled to receive them.

Stabilo power

I am not exaggerating since they arrived my girls have wanted to nothing, but colour and draw.  They keep drawing rainbows.  These felt tips are brilliant for little kids as they are easy for them to hold and they are thicker nibs so they seem to be able to colour with them more easily.  They are also washable which is always a win in this house  as one of my little artists loves to draw on herself, the walls and anywhere else she can think of!!  The best thing for me though is that they don’t dry out.  You can leave them for up to 8 weeks without a lid.  I can’t tell you how very annoying I find it when they lose a lid.  Our house is the kind of place where things disappear, but even in that den of craziness I am sure I can find a missing lid within 8 weeks.

Stationery delivery from Stabilo

The Stabilo Easy Buddy

They also sent us a fountain pen;  The Stabilo Easy Buddy  I adore a fountain pen, but may have to give this one over to my eldest son who is getting very close to getting his pen licence at school.  This pen is ergonomically designed and is specifically targeted at 8-10 year olds who are learning to write so I know I know I have to hand it over!!  I tested it though and it writes beautifully and is shaped so it is very comfortable to hold.  Perhaps I will just have to buy myself one too!

Easy Buddy Fountain Pen Stabilo and notebook

Right I am off to restart my fancy paper collection and write another post using my coloured pens….  Happy National Stationery Week.  #natsatweek #nationalstationeryweek

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