#Blogtober19 Why oh why am I doing it AGAIN?

It is October and in the blogging world that means it is time for #blogtober.  If you don’t know what that is it is a month of bloggers posting everyday.  The host provides prompts and those joining in try to write everyday.  I joined in last year, but didn’t manage to complete the challenge.  I wasn’t going to join in this year, but here I am….
#blogtober19 is here!

Why am I doing #Blogtober19

Well there are two reasons that I am joining in with #blogtober this year… Actually 3 if you count the fact that I just hate to be defeated so can’t resist trying again!!
So the main reason I am joining in and am going to try to post everyday in October is because I have hit a bit of a blogging block.  I have lots of ideas, but since the girls started school I seem to have lost my writing mojo.  Maybe it is because I no longer have the time pressures.  I have lots of time now and yet I run out of time a lot!!  I am on a serious go slow everyday.  By the time I have done the school run, had a coffee, tidied up and done a workout it can be 11 am.  Hell then it is nearly lunchtime so I think ‘well I will do something else and start writing after lunch’, but then I get distracted by a job in the house.  Before I know it it is time to collect the kids.  So anyway I thought that doing a series of prompted posts would get my focus back.  I hope I will get my writing back on track.  Hopefully it will also be a good change for you my lovely readers.  I will be writing about some different stuff to normal so I hope it is interesting.
The second reason I am joining in is that this year’s host is the lovely Annette from 3_littlebuttons who also happens to be my co host on the #DreamTeam bloggers linky (weekly)  so how could I not take part?  

Will I make it?

Well who knows, but the fact that I am writing day one’s post on day two isn’t the most auspicious of starts…  Still I will have a go and I hope you enjoy what I do manage to write this month.

8 thoughts on “#Blogtober19 Why oh why am I doing it AGAIN?”

  1. Having a go has to be a positive. Like you I want to return to blogging as it used to be for me but for different reasons and at a different point in life perhaps. Enjoy! #Blogtober19

  2. “the main reason I am joining in and am going to try to post everyday in October is because I have hit a bit of a blogging block.” – me too. Way to post! Hitting “publish” equals success in my book. Looking forward to hearing more from your blog.

  3. The thing I love about Blogtober is that although it gives you the inspiration and prompting you need to blog, it really doesn’t matter if you miss a post or two. I also love finding lots of new blogger to add to my ‘must read’ lists.
    I know what you mean about not having time though. I used to take the kids to school, come home, do all the housework, washing etc. prep the dinner and finally sit down about lunch time…when hubby used to come in and believe I’d been glued to the computer all day!

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