DIY Bucket List 1

DIY Bucket List

Day two of #blogtober19 is a Bucket List.  Honestly I don’t really have things that I desperately want to do with my life.  I should probably think about the future at some point, but right now its the present that I am interested in.  Having little kids does tend to make you focus on what is happening right now.  I am all about who has just peed on the floor (Yep still!), who just spilled their drink and what game are we playing next.  All of this means that I don’t have a proper bucket list, but I do have a long DIY bucket list as this house is now a shambles.  



DIY Bucket List
DIY #blogtober19

I say DIY bucketlist, but I actually mean get someone in to do it bucket list as I cannot do all of this myself.  If we are honest we probably need to move out and get the house done from top to bottom, but that is impractical and too expensive.  So after much back and forth we have finally made a plan and a list of all the things we need or want to do with this house to make it the family home we need it to be.  This is not something  which can all be done at once as we have not fallen into a bucket of money unfortunately so it is both a bucket list, a wish list and a future plan.

Our House Bucket List

  • Redo the family bathroom so that the kids have a walk in shower and a smaller bath
  • Re carpet the house – the poor carpets deserve a medal for all the abuse they have taken from the kids
  • Dig up the hallway tiles that are lovely, but the wrong colour for a dark hallway and frankly knackered.  They are over a hundred years old so we hate to remove them, we have no choice really as the damage caused by tree roots moving underneath is quite bad it seems.
  • Put down a temporary (the next few years at least) floor in the hallway and kitchen just to brighten up the place and fix some underfloor damp issues
  • Change the dining room floor 
  • Move the boys bedroom to the largest room
  • Change the girls to single beds and update their furniture
  • Redecorate the little bedroom and turn it into a snug for the kids 
  • Remove the wall between the dining room and kitchen 
  • Build a dividing wall to create a downstairs loo and a utility room
  • Add a small extension to square off the back of the house and then install a new kitchen

Why is this important to me?

It sounds silly I should think, but having the house move forward is so very important to me.  I spend a lot of time here.  It is my home and my place of work so looking at the tired carpets and the kids drawing on the walls does  genuinely get me down.  Maybe that is daft that is the way I feel.

kids drawing on walls
The girls drawing in the hallway

So you see we will be busy in this house for a while.  I do love the house and it has some beautiful features like this fireplace:

Edwardian Fireplace

The first thing that must be done falls to me….  I need to declutter.  There is stuff upon stuff upon stuff in this house and it is time to clear out and make space.  I don’t want to redo the house and still have stuff everywhere.  We need to decide what we actually need and donate the rest.  I think we are all probably guilty of hoarding a bit, but I am so sentimental that I keep a lot and it has to stop or the house will be completely full!!

Edwardian Homes need looking afterhome renovations

The thing is an old house is a lot of work. Having an old house does mean that there are lots of issues to stay on top of.  We haven’t really done anything in the house for 8 years so it is time to roll up our sleeves or pay someone else to do so.  This place needs sorting and I am so excited to start.  I know it will take a while to get everything done as this is an expensive business, but I am excited.  



4 thoughts on “DIY Bucket List”

  1. Wow – that’s a long list of jobs to tackle taking time, energy and hard cash no doubt. But as you say it is your home and workplace so worth the investment I guess. One day you will laugh about the drawings on the wall and even miss them but that’s a long way off for you I know. Thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog – just in a vulnerable state at the minute but determined to fight back and find the new or old me. #Blogtober19

    1. When the girls took all the felt tips to their bedroom walls and were so proud of the rainbows I laughed… for now I am leaving them there . My pleasure xx

  2. I think I need to write one of these. We moved house a few months ago and there’s so much work to do here.
    It sounds like you have a lot of work to do. Good luck with it. x

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