Day 14 #blogtober18 Never doing that again!

On a day where the rain is pouring and I am feeling a tad hungover after a ball last night my never doing that again could easily just be staying up late and drinking.

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However, that would just be codswallop as we all know that I love a good night out and so despite it being tough the next day I will still have the odd night out. So that is not my never doing it again….

My never doing it again is having a baby. I have four little children and am now done. It was a long road to getting our babies (not as long as for some, but still a route full of heartache and ultimately medication to get our family) so I wouldn’t want anyone to read this and think I am not grateful. I feel very lucky to have them all and I wouldn’t change one minute of the chaos. It is a lot though and I do find it difficult to manage the needs of everyone and ensure that they are all getting enough of me and able to do things that those in smaller families can.

Our youngest are now 3 so we are coming out of those baby years. Things are changing and getting easier. We are starting to be able to all have loads of fun together. So although I am a bit sad to be leaving behind the times of being the whole centre of their world and those lovely baby snuggles I am also relieved to be getting to the end of disturbed sleep and constantly being covered in someone’s snot or worse!! So I loved it but I am never doing that again!!

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