Returning to Work

are housewives lazy

Are housewives lazy?

I was doing my nightly flick through the world of social media when I came across the This Morning debate on are housewives lazy. This happened yesterday after a mumsnet thread where it was suggested that if you are a housewife you are lazy as you don’t go out to work. Anyway, this got me thinking […]

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Employing a Nanny

If you are thinking about employing a nanny there are a number of things to consider: How will you select your nanny? Will you get them Ofsted registered so you can use Childcare Vouchers? How much should you pay? What hours do you need? What are the legalities of employing a nanny? Do you need

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DBS form

How to register your nanny with Ofsted

How to register your nanny with Ofsted If you are thinking about hiring a nanny to look after your children you might want to think about Ofsted registration.  This can be a lengthy process and can be annoyingly tricky to find information on how to register your nanny with Ofsted.  As I have already navigated this particular journey and

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Losing your childcare

Losing your childcare provider is a pest!!  I am devastated; we are losing our lovely nanny as she has decided to leave us.  She is going because she wants to go to university to get her degree and she can’t get a part time place.  I am glad that she isn’t leaving because she doesn’t want to

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Mommy Wars

I keep hearing all this stuff about supposed “Mommy Wars” and I’m confused as to how their could be any kind of dispute. Surely it’s just up to each family to decide what is best for them. As far as I can tell from my friends often the decision about whether to work or not

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returning to work

Navigating Returning to Work

Navigating returning to work as a mummy of two has been just as it sounds a journey.  I wrote previously about the decision of whether to return to work or not and since then my husband and I have looked at loads of options.  We realised pretty quickly that for us it would not work

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Mom Returning to work

Return to Work Yes or No?

After I had my first child I really didn’t want to return to work.  I loved my maternity leave and apart from enjoying spending time with my little boy I just found it so liberating to be able to do what I wanted when I wanted.  It was of course all determined by the whims

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