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Family Finances 2021 Planning Ideas

Family Finances in 2021 Every family thinks about their family finances and this past year has been a time when many people have struggled financially, but for others not being able to go anywhere or do anything has presented an opportunity to actually save some money.  For us as a family of 6 family finances […]

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Moving to the Countryside from London

Moving to the Countryside from London; Why and Should we? If you live in a city have you noticed how people left, right and centre are moving to the countryside?  If you are from the countryside have you noticed that all these townies are descending on your villages? It is like some kind of reverse […]

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Family Budgeting – why you need a family budget

Family Budgeting This year has been financially tricky for many and even if it hasn’t impacted your family I will bet that you have been thinking more about the what ifs?  What if you couldn’t work for a while?  What if you were made redundant or furloughed?   One way that you can help prepare for […]

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13 Awesome Kids Lockdown Birthday Ideas to make it special

Having a kids birthday during lockdown is not ideal.  There is no two ways about it.  There won’t be a birthday party and if you had one booked you will have to cancel it and possibly not get your money back which is what has happened to us; so thanks to that company!  There also […]

Bestway Pool Review

Bestway Pool Review

Bestway Pool Review;  great for families and a staycation! NOTE: POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS When the sun is out and its too hot to do anything else but lounge around, what better way is there to entertain the kids, than a paddling pool? With 4 kids and a small garden we are always looking for […]

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Big Family Life the 5 toughest things

The 5 toughest things about having a big family Before I start this I do want to say that I love having a big family and wouldn’t change it, but it isn’t all frolicking on mountains, singing and dancing like the Von Trapp Family…. So if you are thinking about having a big family then […]

Four Kids Under Four – how this mummy coped

Four kids under four – The story of how we became a large family and survived In 2014 my husband and I ummed and errrrrd for a few months before deciding that 3 was the magic number and that we would try for another baby. At this point we had two boys aged 17 months […]