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13 Awesome Kids Lockdown Birthday Ideas to make it special

Having a kids birthday during lockdown is not ideal.  There is no two ways about it.  There won’t be a birthday party and if you had one booked you will have to cancel it and possibly not get your money back which is what has happened to us; so thanks to that company!  There also […]

Bestway Pool Review

Bestway Pool Review

Bestway Pool Review;  great for families and a staycation! NOTE: POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS When the sun is out and its too hot to do anything else but lounge around, what better way is there to entertain the kids, than a paddling pool? With 4 kids and a small garden we are always looking for […]

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Big Family Life the 5 toughest things

The 5 toughest things about having a big family Before I start this I do want to say that I love having a big family and wouldn’t change it, but it isn’t all frolicking on mountains, singing and dancing like the Von Trapp Family…. So if you are thinking about having a big family then […]

Four Kids Under Four – how this mummy coped

Four kids under four – The story of how we became a large family and survived In 2014 my husband and I ummed and errrrrd for a few months before deciding that 3 was the magic number and that we would try for another baby. At this point we had two boys aged 17 months […]