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Outdoor To-Do List for This Fall

Outdoor To-Do List for This Fall

There is still warmth in the air, the colours are beautiful and on a sunny day there really is nothing better than getting outside –  but not for long! Before the snowy, frigid days of winter hit, take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the best that fall season has to offer. Start off your fall bucket list with a few of these fun activities.

outdoor to do list fall

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A quintessential part of fall is carving a pumpkin, and the season wouldn’t be complete without it! Take a trip to your local pumpkin patch with friends, family, or your significant other, and pick out the perfect pumpkin to convert into a jack-o-lantern. Most pumpkin patches also have a plethora of things to do, such as hay rides, corn mazes, and homemade sweets to enjoy, that will please the entire family.  

As lots of Halloween traditions can’t happen this year going to a Pumpkin Patch could be a really great new tradition to start for your family.  Pumpkin Patches are perfect for social distancing especially if you go early.

Go to a Drive-In Movie

There has recently been a resurgence when it comes to drive-in theaters. What better way to social distance on a cool fall night then to watch a flick in the comfort of your own car?

Now if you are US or Canada based these probably won’t be a new experience for you, but in the UK this is one of the few upsides of the pandemic.  So have a look in your local area as there are pop up drive in movie theaters appearing up and down the country and many are continuing to show great films through the end of October, so find a place nearby, pack some warm blankets, and cuddle up to a classic horror movie in the back of your vehicle!

Take a Scenic Drive

One of the things that makes autumn so incredibly beautiful is the colors of the changing leaves.  Adding an incredible scenic drive where you can really take in the beauty of nature without leaving your vehicle is a perfect addition to your outdoor to-do list for this fall.

Stop for a hot cup of coffee and take an excursion through some of the most incredible natural sights – of course, stopping to take pictures along the way.

One of the best North American drives is through the Rockies in Alberta. If you’re looking for the ultimate Canadian road trip, take the 266-mile drive from Calgary to Jasper. Stop at beautiful locations along the route, such as Banff National Park, for wildlife sighting and a dip in the Upper Hot Springs. There are also many gorgeous Banff homes for sale, and you can dream of a life in this quaint resort town as you drive by. 

In the UK a drive through the New Forest is stunning at this time of year and you may even see some of their famous wild ponies.  Wherever you live and wherever you are planning to take a scenic drive remember to check the current advice and travel guidance for the area.  

Outdoor to-do list fall


Autumn nights are often crisp and clear, the perfect type of weather for stargazing. Find a place far from the light of the city, pack a picnic blanket and a warm beverage, and spend the night cuddled up under the stars. The best time to stargaze is during the new moon, so the brightness of the moon doesn’t take away from the starlight. 

During half term this would make an exciting outdoor to-do list activity for the kids too. Why not download an app for stargazing and learn about the placement of constellations in the night sky with the kids?

Take a Camping Trip

Camping in the summer is fun, but you may find yourself overheated when trapped in your tent, or covered in sunburn. Fall is the perfect time for camping for many reasons, one being the lack of insects. It’s also a great time to camp because it allows you to enjoy the heat of a campfire and the warmth of your sleeping bag. Just be sure to pack your warmest pair of wool socks for the chilly nights! 

If there was ever a year for adding something new for your outdoor to-do list this is surely it! We all need to think a bit differently and find ways to live our lives whilst still social distancing and taking care of ourselves and each other.  Enjoy the outdoors this fall.

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