My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden

My Fairy Garden


We were gifted the My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden playset by Wire PR for review – thank you!  The post contains affiliate links.

Do your children believe in fairies?  Mine love anything magical so I knew that this was going to be a winner as soon as a I saw it.  We thoroughly enjoyed creating a magical world for our fairies Evie and Heather and their friends; the baby unicorn and hedgehog.


The My Fairy Garden light playset includes everything you need to create your very own fairy garden except the soil (for grass growing purposes) and the two AA batteries needed for the light in the light up musical house

  • Terracotta style bowl
  • Light up musical fairy house
  • Raised growing bed
  • Raised decking with hedgehog house
  • Heather fairy figure
  • Evie fairy figure
  • Hedgehog figure
  • Unicorn foal figure
  • Fairy mushroom
  • Fairy bridge with flowers
  • Colour activity booklet
  • Posts with cord and bunting stickers sheet
  • Pack of grass seed
  • Coloured gravel
  • Fairy dust
  • Flowers for the garden (not real)



The first thing you need to do is create the fairy garden following the very clear instructions you simply add soil and then place the various items where they suggest or you could go off piste and do it your own way.  We followed the guide and then sowed the seeds as they suggested.  The grass grew really quickly. In fact we only planted a week ago and I have already had to get the scissors out.

It is up to you then whether you keep the My Fairy Garden inside or outside.  We have gone for inside and so it is up on a shelf slightly out of reach in their bedroom.  I didn’t want to leave it within reach as I have seen those kids with soil before!!  The light up house is not attached to the raised decking and so you could easily just take that inside as a night light and leave the rest of the garden outside for the children to play with.  I think it makes a nice feature in their bedroom so we are leaving it there and I will just get it down so that they can play with the fairies which of course they are dying to do.

I did the activity of making the garden with my 3 year old girl twins and it was quite chaotic.  The Fairy Garden says that it is not suitable for those under 3.  My girls are 3.5 years old and it was madness putting the garden together with them.  This is not to say that it wasn’t fun.  It was and they were so excited.  They loved doing it, but they were so excited that they were running the risk of breaking stuff before we started with their sheer desperation to get at the fairies.  I must admit that I whilst I let them get the soil ready I did not let them put it in the bowl as that seemed like it would be crazy.  I did that bit, but they were able to help with sowing the grass seeds and putting down the coloured gravel path and they were loving it.  They were engaged with this from start to finish and were happily deciding where each fairy should go.

They were then on grass watch each day and I am pleased to report that the grass grew fast so they could see something happening within a day or two which made them all excited again.  When my parents came to visit last week they were desperate to take grandma up to see their Fairy Garden and especially to see the grass that they had grown.


When we made this I did it with my girls as an activity when the boys were at school and so it is in their bedroom, but the boys also really like it.  I wasn’t sure if they would be interested in it as they don’t spend much time playing with the fairies that we have, but I was wrong.  They both wanted to see what we had made and my eldest son said he thought this would be a perfect place for the tooth fairy to go when she visited to collect his teeth.  I thought this was a perfect idea and so now he will be putting any lost teeth in the fairy house and then the tooth fairy may leave the cash there too!



One thing that I really love about the My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden is the light up musical house.  You just blow on it; it lights up and the music plays.  It is so sweet and magical for little ones.  I was looking for a night light as they have recently started having little nightmares and this is perfect for them.  You simply blow again and the light will turn off so if you are creeping in once they are asleep there is no rooting around for the switch…

I would totally recommend the My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden as a lovely gift.  I like that there is an activity in making the garden and then you are also getting the nightlight, it is aesthetically pleasing and sweet and also children can get great fun out of it with endless imaginative play options although in that respect it may be better for a slightly older child than my two.   It is a lovely toy and I know that we will have many years of magic with this as a Tooth Fairy stop over and night light.

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25 thoughts on “My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden

  1. Very cute ideas :) we have a reputation for killing any plant that tries to live in our house but maybe worth a try for the little one #DreamTeam
    1. Me too I am dreadful with plants, but this just worked... thanks for being on the #DreamTeam
  2. So cute. my little one would absolutely love this, but would be as excited as your twins. #Dreamteam Jo (A Rose Tinted World) recently posted...Ultimate Guide To What You Need As A New Parent – & What You Don’t!My Profile
    1. They were quite hard to control as they were so very excited! thanks for being on the #DreamTeam again this week
  3. So cute! Laurie recently posted...The Place Where the Light EntersMy Profile
    1. Thanks for joining the #DreamTeam
  4. Is it very sad that I quite fancy this for my 50th birthday? #DreamTeam
    1. No not at all.... I think I might love it more than the kids. Its so cute. Thanks for being with us this week on the #DreamTeam
  5. This is so cute. i wish my kids were still little because i miss buying toys like this x #dreamteam
    1. It is so very sweet. They love it. Thanks for joining us again this week on the #DreamTeam
  6. What a cute and interesting concept. :) #DreamTeam This Scribbler Mum recently posted...My Christmas Novelty BookMy Profile
    1. It is sweet. Thanks for being on the #DreamTeam
  7. Awww that's so sweet. We have the Lilypad version of this. It's not as elaborate, but still so much fun to play with. I love that you kept yours inside. That was the plan for ours, except it got moved out when the grass went a bit mad. Thanks for being a fab #dreamteam host xx Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted...L.O.L. Surprise Pop-Up Store ReviewMy Profile
    1. Mine might still be heading outside as my son knocked it off the shelf the other day!! I think the grass may be done for.... #DreamTeam
    1. I think my girls are a bit young really, but they do love it. I just have to be the one to cut the grass. Thanks for being on the #DreamTeam
  9. Ooh the light up, musical addition sounds great! we have the basic version and my 9 year old assembled everything by herself, it kept her quiet for a while! #dreamteam
    1. It is really sweet. thanks for being with us on the #DreamTeam
  10. This is a fab upgrade to the basic fairy garden we had !!shall girl would have loved it #dreamteam Daydreams of a Mum recently posted...BlogCrush week 94- November 30th 2018My Profile
    1. It is rather fab! Thanks for being on the #DreamTeam
  11. My oldest would LIVE this - such a clever idea! #DreamTeam
    1. I was looking at night lights for them so this seemed like a great solution. Thanks for being on the #DreamTeam
  12. That is so adorable and did someone say "Heather" fairy??? I'm here! #DreamTeam
  13. Our girls love this, we have a fairy house outside in the backyard (dirty mess created by Gatsby) and a fairy door in eyesight of my laptop here. Oh, we believe! Great post, M'wah! #dreamteam xoxo
    1. I am thinking of making a fairy door. thanks for joining the #DreamTeam this week

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