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Welcome to my new blog series Women Making Work Work.  This series will look at a different women who has taken a perhaps alternative route to work.  They might have a traditional 9-5, but also be rocking a sideline passion project or be a mother with several different roles on the go in order to be flexible for the family.  They might be a business owner, a freelancer or a part time employee, but who ever they are they are women making work work for them! 

This series was born out of my discussions and meetings with other women who all have different ways of making work work, but who didn’t necessarily meet the traditional concept of SAHM or of working mum.  I don’t fit the mold properly either and it got me wondering about what everyone else does to make work work and is is just those who are parents who want more flexible working.  I knew that all employees were able to ask for flexible working, but in my HR roles (now some 6 years ago)  I hadn’t ever seen the requests approved except for parents and so I was interested in not only the experience of mothers, but of all women.   The more women I spoke to the more I discovered different ways that women make work work for them.  I have also spent a lot of time, since I had my children, trying to work what worked for me and my family.  Access to series like this where I could read about the experiences and ideas of others would have really helped me so I thought it was important to not only share my story, but that of some of the awesome women I have come across.

Flexible Working is on the up!

In my research I found some interesting statistics about the world of the self employed.  According to the office of national statistics the number of those classed as self employed in the UK has risen from 12% of the labour force in 2001 to 15.1% in 2017.  Now of course there are loads of reasons for this and it isn’t all about flexibility.  Also in this series, I am not  just looking at those who are self employed, but also business owners, part time workers or those who have negotiated flexible working solutions.  It is about what makes work work for you and not fitting a particular category.  However, I think the rise of those not in full time permanent employment does demonstrate a shift in the labour market.

What can you expect?

I will start this series with a post about my experience of transitioning from your traditional office 9-5 to a more flexible and ultimately self employed working life, but then I have several fabulous women in the wings who have kindly agreed to share their stories.  I hope they will help inspire confidence in those who are thinking about taking a leap into a more flexible approach to work, share some useful advice and experience and answer some queries that you have.  I know that they have inspired me.

Get involved

If you would like to be featured in this series then please email me at kirsty@navigatingbaby.com   with the subject Women Making Work Work. I am looking for women from all walks of life and of all ages to take part and share their story of how they are making work work for them.

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