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Pregnant with number 3. What will it be like having 3 Children

Pregnant with number 3 Having 3 Children I wonder what it will be like having 3 children? I am pregnant again and so heading towards number 3.  This is something we actively wanted and in our situation needing to take clomid we made this decision, but now that it is here I am both excited and […]

Toddler Starting Nursery

For weeks we have been building up the excitement in our biggest toddler starting nursery; we went to buy the uniform, got the black shoes (which he was very excited about) and started attaching name labels to everything.  He was so looking forward to it and every time we walked past the school he would […]

Climbing Toddlers

Having climbing toddlers is so tough. Our first son was not a climbing toddler he was perfectly happy to keep his feet on the ground so whilst he was super lively I could take him to the playground without fears that he would any minute launch himself towards the biggest climbing frame – not so […]

Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser I have recently been asked to use and review + Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser.  I always have a hand sanitiser in my bag as with two little ones and especially when one is potty training you never know when you will need it.  Other mummies will, I […]

Newborn Breastfeeding Tips to get you through the first month

What is Newborn Breastfeeding really like? Brace yourself, curl up your toes, take a deep breath, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  That is how it felt for me breastfeeding a newborn.  Each time they latched on or attempted to I just wanted to cry and often did.  It is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world […]

How to register your nanny with Ofsted

How to register your nanny with Ofsted If you are thinking about hiring a nanny to look after your children you might want to think about Ofsted registration.  This can be a lengthy process and can be annoyingly tricky to find information on how to register your nanny with Ofsted.  As I have already navigated this particular journey and […]

Losing your childcare

Losing your childcare provider is a pest!!  I am devastated; we are losing our lovely nanny as she has decided to leave us.  She is going because she wants to go to university to get her degree and she can’t get a part time place.  I am glad that she isn’t leaving because she doesn’t want to […]

Potty Training Top Tips

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think our big one may have finally cracked potty training.  I could be wrong and this could be a hugely premature post that has me hanging my head in shame as I have to post again to say its all gone wrong, but for now I […]

Potty Training Update

So we are now around 6 weeks into potty training and I thought a potty training update was overdue. For us it has certainly not been potty training in a week it has been a much longer process. We had immediate success with wees as long as I prompted him but poos have been another […]

10 things you need when having a baby

My Top 10 Must Have Baby Items for First Time Moms

What are the must have baby items for first time moms? When I became a mummy for the first time I bought everything and I mean everything!  I don’t regret it as I had so much fun buying those baby essentials and preparing for my baby that I had waited for, but I know that […]