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Pancakes for toddlers featured image of pancakes

Pancakes for Toddlers and their families

Savoury and Sweet Pancakes for Toddlers and their families So today is pancake day and I am sure many of us will have all kinds of toppings sorted out for the fun of pancake Tuesday, but have you ever thought that pancakes could make a great quick midweek breakfast for a toddler or their siblings?  […]

Super Quick Chicken Soup

Quick Chicken Soup – Easy, Quick and Delicious As the autumn weather draws in and it starts to get a little chillier is there anything nicer than a comforting bowl of chicken soup?  If you have maybe fancied making a homemade chicken soup, but always thought it was too involved and would take too long […]

How to make focaccia bread

How to make Focaccia Bread at home

How to make Focaccia Bread that will make you smile! Focaccia is one of those breads that I never thought of making until I didn’t have any bread flour, the corona virus had us on lockdown and we had no bread.  It was at that point that I did a search for breads that could […]

Quick and easy oat cookies

Quick and Easy Oat and Raisin Cookies

Oat and Raisin Cookies Recipe I do love a bit of baking especially when it also has a bit of goodness.  These quick and easy oat and raisin cookies are just delicious and take less than 30 mins to make.  Not only are they super easy, but they also contain fibre, protein and vitamin B […]

Get more vitamins for children

Ways to help fussy eaters get more vitamins

Two of my children are quite fussy eaters with one of them actually getting a bit ridiculous with the list of foods he won’t eat.  I really don’t like to make the eating vegetables thing a battleground, but sometimes I do worry that he doesn’t get all the vitamins that he needs.  I would of […]

school lunch ideas for picky eaters

School Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters

School Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters I am in possession of a very picky eater.  So picky that his teachers requested that he be changed to packed lunches as he was refusing to eat anything from the hot school lunches and so was hungry and distracted during the afternoon.  That sent the problem of his […]

Baked In Baking Club Subscription Box

The Baking Club is a baking subscription box that you get on a monthly basis with a new recipe, all the dry ingredients you need and other handy bits.   I was gifted a box to try out and review, but these are all my genuine opinions based on my experience of the Baking Club from […]

Day 12 #Blogtober18 Loving these right now

So far this has been a very positive month.  The kids are behaving themselves, the first parents meetings of the year have gone off without a hitch (i.e. no bad behaviour reports) and the girls have started nursery as happy as can be so there are lots of smiley faces around these parts.  Today’s #blogtober18 […]

fussy eater

Handling my Fussy Eaters

My Children are fussy eaters My children are fussy eaters…  phew I said it!  I am fairly sure that admission is the first step to recovery and I need to get this recovery sorted out as I have been rather hiding from this issue that has been getting worse recently.  I mean they are not […]

Pirate Party Ideas

If your little one is in to all things Pirate then this is the post for you.  Not only am I sharing all of my pirate party ideas and how I planned it, but I am also giving ideas for you can make your kids pirate party a little bit kinder to the environment.   Now […]